Mar 15, 2015

*SUNDAY WINDOW SHOPPING* Fendi & Dior (March '15)

While walking across 57th Street, I paused briefly in front of the Fendi flagship boutique. A giant blue Peekaboo bag captured my gaze and I couldn't help but linger for a few extra minutes in front of the windows. After a few minutes of oohing and ahhing, I decided to take a few photos to share with you. If you notice, a couple of the Fendi displays had movement to them. Wooden mannequin hands would pull on drawstrings to open and close the white fur coat and red handbag. Revealed inside was a miniature workshop with dolls busily working away. Also, located right next to Fendi, French fashion house Dior presented spring looks through their windows. They looked divine so I decided to include them here. Have a look at both boutiques after the break.


Christian Dior

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