Apr 27, 2015

*MIZGUIDE* Paris vs US Handbag Prices

As the Euro continues to slide against the US dollar (as of April 27th, the currency exchange rate is $1.00 = €0.92), a little self-indulging shopping trip in Paris is definitely not out of the question. In case any of you are planning such a lucky getaway--after all, it's a gorgeous time to visit the City of Lights--I thought you might want to do a little price research beforehand. So, to help guide your way through some calculations, I created a list of French luxury brands and their current handbag prices as an easy comparison between the two countries. Keep in mind, non-European residents are entitled to a TVA refund which, in France's case, is roughly 10%. The below prices are post-refund. As for US pricing, NYS sales tax (8.875%) was added. As you can clearly see, there is currently a big discrepancy in pricing between the two cities.

Kelly 32 in Togo leather: Paris $6,670 vs US $11,320
Birkin 30 in Togo leather: Paris $6,620 vs US $11,870
Evelyn III GM: Paris $2,370 vs US $4,080
Halzan in Clemence leather: Paris $3,240 vs US $5,610
Toolbox in Swift leather: Paris $5,450 vs US $9,420
Jypsiere 31: Paris $5,890 vs US $10,180

Classic Flap Medium: Paris $4,180 vs US $5,340
Classic Flap Jumbo: Paris $4,660 vs US $5,990
Reissue 225: Paris $4,180 vs US $5,340
Reissue 227: Paris $5,060 vs US $6,530
Boy Medium Flap: Paris $3,650 vs US $5,120
Chevron Flap Medium: Paris $4,180 vs US $5,340

Lockit PM: Paris $2,530 vs US $3,970
Lockit MM: Paris $2,920 vs US $4,630
Capucines BB: Paris $2,930 vs US $4,790
Capucines MM: Paris $3,870 vs US $6,100
Monogram Canvas Neverfull: Paris $880 vs US $1,370
Monogram Canvas Speedy 30: Paris $670 vs US $1,060

Classic Box: Paris $2,450 vs US $4,250
Luggage Mini: Paris $2,060 vs US $3,380
Trapeze Tri-color: Paris $1,860 vs US $3,210

Sac De Jour Small: Paris $1,950 vs US $2,990
Sac De Jour Large: Paris $2,400 vs US $3,800
Cabas Monogram Medium: Paris $1,950 vs US $3,210
Lulu Medium: Paris $1,520 vs US $2,340
Cabas Y Bag: Paris $1,950 vs US $3,210

{Image credit: Daniel Sean Murphy}


  1. Oh wow! Food for thought...Thx ma'am :)

  2. Wow that is a huge price difference!

  3. Wow thanks for this. I have a trip to Paris coming up allllll the way in the summer and I'm really hoping the Euro bargain will hold up (or maybe just have friends buy now....) decisions decisions :)

    1. Hi Dami,

      Yes, hopefully the dollar will remain strong until then and you can shop to your heart's delight. Have a fantastic trip!

  4. it just makes you not wanna buy any bags in New York!! the difference is crazy!! who knew?!!!!

  5. I heard Chanel stock is horrible in Euro. You can hardly find a black flap, reissue or le boy.

    Anyone has update on stock?

    1. Alot of asian resellers are buying up loads of them and shipping them over because of the profit margin.

    2. Not necessarily now. Chanel's price has went down ~20% in China.

    3. I was in Paris a few days ago and I can attest that the stock is horrible for Chanel's in Paris. There are literally no caviar bags; just lamb skin.

  6. i heard you can't buy a Birkin in Paris unless you spend the equivalent amount at the store buying something else (so for a $7k bag, you need to spend another $7k buying other things at the store). is that true?

  7. Does this apply to shoes too???

    1. Hi Rose,

      I can't speak for shoes but, in general, the weak Euro will be advantageous to any US shopper who visits Europe these days.

    2. Euro is no longer weak lately. It has gone back to over 1.1 (USD:EUR). Yike.

  8. Excellent writeup! I did a long-ish, one month European trip 1.5 years ago when the Euro was still 35% higher above the dollar. Oh why of why can't the currency be this low then?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you! Maybe this is a sign you need to go again :)

  9. Thank you! This is so helpful.

  10. Hi do you know about balenciaga prices being cheaper in Paris or Spain?


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