Apr 27, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Not So Maje-stic

Following the footsteps of sister brand Sandro, Parisian contemporary label Maje unveiled their inaugural NYC sample sale today. I found the sale boasting plenty of the company's womenswear, shoes, bags, and accessories but prices weren't as Maje-stic as I had hoped.

With a relaxing ambiance inside today's Maje sample sale, I was able to inspect the goods in a calm and orderly fashion. The merchandise in the apparel section was organized by category and I found an abundant selection of t-shirts, blouses, embellished tops, shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, knits, leather jackets, tweed blazers, cardigans, and glittery vests. Sizes were available from T1-T3 (that's Maje talk for S-L). I'll also note that all of the sale inventory was in excellent condition. There was no wear to be found on any of the items as they appeared to be overstock goods straight from plastic wrappings.

While the sale selection was intriguing, sale prices were not. To prove my point, here are a few examples from the price list: t-shirts were $60, tops were $110, shorts and skirts were $95, jeans were $75, dresses were $150, sweaters were $125, blazers were $195, coats were $250, and leather jackets were $350. If you take a moment to compare today's sample sale prices to Maje's current online sale section, you'll find there isn't a huge difference in savings. In my view, this sale will best serve bargain shoppers who are looking for a discount on Maje's designs while having the opportunity to try them on.

Moving to shoes, the label's footwear collection was available in the back of the sale space. Thankfully, prices were a tad better here. Ballet flats were $95, pumps were $150, sandals were $150, sneakers were $150, and boots & booties were $195. Among these items, I saw a pair of black suede Fiesta pumps for $150 (online price: $255).

A limited selection of handbags were available near the checkout registers and there were sequin clutches, glittered clutches, and leather totes marked down to $150. Other items in the accessories section included $25 jewelry, $50 straw hats, $50 belts, and $50 scarves.

With Sandro also hosting their own spring bargain blowout next week, I smell a little sibling competition between these two hip Parisian brands. Let's just hope Sandro's prices are better than her sister's.

Price list:
T-shirts $60
Shirts/Tops $110
Shorts/Bermuda $95
Skirts $95
Jeans $75
Pants $150
Dresses $150
Sweaters $125
Cardigans $175
Maje & K-Way jackets $95
Non-leather jackets $150
Blazers $195
Coats $250
Leather jackets $350

Ballet flats $95
Pumps $150
Sandals $150
Sneakers $150
Boots/Booties $195

Jewelry $25
Hats $50
Belts $50
Scarves $50
Bags $150


  1. Thank you MIZ! Is there any line outside?

    1. There is a small line outside as of 10:30am. Not too bad.

  2. Heads up. (This is Cat) Stopped by Nanette Lepore and Hanro of Switzerland today. Nanette is interesting. More like a vintage boutique. Mixed quality. Some heavy pieces (velvet) and a lot of light, summery ones and slips. Lots of patterns and embroidery. Mainly in the $30-$50 (blue and red tickets) but some $20 items too. Didn't spot any of the $10 tags.

    Don't go to Hanro for bras or underwear. Do go if you want those silky camis/nightgowns and are willing to pay $50 per piece.

    1. Hi Cat,

      Thank you so much for the sale updates!

    2. Thanks, Cat. I agree on Hanro but I would only add that I didn't find the sizes as small as they indicated on the announcement. Tehre However, the lack of items other than pajamas and nightgowns was disappointing. The few robes they had (at least left at noon on first day) were of the lower quality.

  3. Not in NYC? Now you can be part of all samples sales. I shop and ship all sample sales to you. Email sheshopssheships@gmail.com before the sales start and I will personally shop the sales for you.

  4. Yeah that was kind of disappointing sale . Saving were not good.

  5. As always thank you so much Miz. I really appreciate how timely your reviews are and thanks to you I know when to skip a sale or show up early once the public sale starts. Glad I didn't waste my time on the first day, while I love Maje these so called discounts are just sad. Fingers crossed they lower the prices in the last few days.

    1. Hi Nara,

      Yes, hopefully they will start extra markdowns asap. Also, I wanted to thank you for always keeping your fellow Mizhattanites and I updated on all the sample sales you attend. Whether it's a line update, stock update, or price update, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your help! Thank you again!!

    2. Thanks Miz! It really means a lot. I'm always happy to share with fellow Mizhattanites. Your blog helped me get into so many sample sales and introduced me to brands I otherwise may not have ever known so it's nice if I can give back a little.

  6. Has there been any markdowns yet? I went the first day also, and saw lots of cute sweatshirts, but could not justify the $125 price.

    1. No word yet. Price reductions should come over the weekend. I'll keep you updated so check back on this article.

  7. SALE UPDATE (5/1): Take an additional 35~50% off starting today. Photo of updated price list: CLICK HERE


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