Apr 15, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Stuart Little

Designer Jill Stuart's eponymous label is the modern girl's answer to flirty and feminine chic. At today's opening of their sample sale which takes place in the Fashion District, I found the company's cozy corporate showroom neatly organized with her girly girl designs. Although the inventory was modest, the discounts were too good to pass. Here's what I found on the 24th floor of Stuart's little bargain heaven.

Do you have an important formal event marked on your calendar? Well then, you need the perfect dress to steal the spotlight and this week's 3-day long Jill Stuart sample sale is just the place for you to grab a deal. But be forewarned as there is a catch. While prices were incredible, the inventory was limited and you'll be out of luck if you're anything but a size small. With most items available in sample sizes, the sale is intended for slim-figured girls with fabulous taste.

Now, assuming you are a sample-sized person, here are the deets from inside today's sale. The discounted inventory was heavily focused on formal dresses and gowns from the Jill Jill Stuart diffusion line. In addition, there were two racks of Jill Stuart main collection up for grabs (9th & 10th photos below). Prices were fantastic. Tops were $25, daytime dresses were $50, shorts & pants were $50, sweaters were $50, belts were $25, and cocktail/evening dresses were $100.

To go a little deeper into evening wear which dominated the sale, there were halter neck dresses, pleated chiffons, floral prints, embroidered laces, strapless gowns, and sparkly cocktails in a rainbow of colors. Floor length gowns and cocktail frocks were organized by price and everything was marked down to $75 and below.

In addition to Jill Stuart's dresses and apparel, there was an assortment of the designer's footwear and Morgan Lane lingerie available at this sale. I saw knee-high boots for $75 and pumps & booties for $50. Morgane Lane merchandise included $60 underwire bras, $50 soft bras, $35 high waist panties, $25 thongs, $40 & $45 lingerie bags, and $160 cashmere travel sets.

This week's intimate Jill Stuart sample sale runs through Friday and although the inventory was limited, there are amazing deals to be had if you wear a size small. There is no wait to enter the sale so swing by if you need something showstopping to have in your closet.

Price list:
Jill Stuart
Day tops $25
Day dresses $50
Shorts $50
Pants $50
Sweaters $50
Shoes $50
Boots $75
Belts $25
Cocktail/Evening dresses $100

Jill Jill Stuart
Gowns & dresses $35, $50, $75


  1. Does anyone know the amount of inventory left at the end of the day?

  2. I was there at 4 and there were still 4 racks of evening dresses and another of more casual dresses


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