May 19, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Let's Lim-bo!

Cool, contemporary, and undeniably New York, the 3.1 Phillip Lim spring sample sale returns this week to a new sale venue in SoHo. The sale usually draws a huge line of bargain-hungry hunters and today was just another example of how popular the label is amongst the young & hip fashion crowd. The F&F preview for this spring's 4-day long Phillip Lim shopping bonanza began early this morning and I stopped by to soak up the excitement and deals. How low can the prices go? Let's Lim-bo and find out!

The Wooster Street sale space housing the event was divided into four basic sections: men's merchandise in the front, women's apparel in the middle, women's shoes in the back, and handbags & accessories on the right. Although this morning was only reserved for F&F, the scene was very much buzzing with activity.

To browse the bags, shoppers were asked to get in line and the staff was enforcing a one-in-one-out policy. I saw quite a few shoppers giving up on the wait as the goods didn't look too appealing. There were no Pashlis to begin with nor were there any Quill buckets. There were, however, 31 Hour totes in a few varieties such as embossed white crocodile, brown leather, and black PVC. I also spotted a Soleil mini chain shoulder bag in stripe, a 31 Minute clutch in brown, travel carryalls, 31 Hour backpacks, and Wednesday Medium Boston satchels. Prices ranged from $200 for small sizes to $300 for medium and $450 for large totes.

Women's shoes were far better in terms of pricing and inventory. All footwear was priced to please at just $100 and the selection included designs like Devon d'Orsay flats, Ella high heel sandals, Maggie booties, Daisy flat sandals, white leather espadrilles, rose gold Quinn loafers, and leopard print Quinn flats. Sizes ranged from 35-40.

Over at women's apparel, the racks included embellished blouses, printed leather jackets, floral print shorts, polka-dot tanks, colorful blazers, fisherman knit sweaters, fur jackets, floral print sleeveless dresses, denim vests, and houndstooth trousers. The price list was long but easy to comprehend. Embellished tops were $150, long sleeves were $150, tanks & t-shirts were $75, sweaters were $150 & $300, skirts were $100, sequin skirts & pants were $350, shorts were $75, evening gowns were $500, cocktail frocks were $400, daytime dresses were $175, jackets were $175, trench coats were $250, and other outerwear pieces were $400~$900.

The men's sale inventory consisted of several racks of dapper merchandise. Leather jackets were $500, trench coats were $400, wool coats were $300, denim jackets were $200, pants were $100, shorts were $75, sweaters were $150, and t-shirts were $50.

There was one communal dressing area in an open space in the back of the venue with four full length mirrors available to shoppers. The queue outside seemed manageable at around 10am but has quickly stretched to Prince St by 1pm so expect a long wait if you plan on dropping by this afternoon.

Price list:
Embellished/Embroidered tops $150
Long sleeve woven tops $150
Short sleeve/Sleeveless/Tanks $100
Long sleeve t-shirts/Short sleeve T-shirts/tanks $75
Embellished/Embroidered sweaters $300
All other sweaters/Cardigans $150
Leather or sequin skirts and pants $350
Skirts $100
Pants/Jeans/Shorts $75
Evening gowns $500
Cocktail dresses $400
Sweater dresses/T-shirt dresses/Day dresses $175
Shearling coats $900
Fur coats $600
Leather jackets $550
Fur vests $350
Coats $400
Trench coats $250
Jackets $175

Tops $50
Bottoms $50
Bras $30
Panties $30

Set $50
Top $25
Bottom $25
Coverup $50

Leather/Suede/Patent coats & jackets $500
Trench coats $400
Wool coats & jackets $300
Cotton jackets $250
Denim jackets $200
Pants/Jeans $100
Shorts $75
Long sleeve/Short sleeve tops $100
Sweaters/Cardigans $150
T-shirts $50

Large bags $450
Medium bags $300
Small bags $200
Clutches $150
Large wallets $100
Small wallets $75
Keychains $20
Shoes $100
Belts $50
Necklaces $50
Scarves $75
Fur scarves $150
Gloves $50
Fur gloves $100
Sunglasses $75


  1. Got there just before noon. Waited 1 hour 40 to get in. When I left at 3pm, there were only 20 people in line. Inside, the line to pay wasnt bad. It is the line to view the handbags that is slow.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for keeping us updated. Hope the sale was worth your while.

    2. I got a gorgeous leather jacket! Yes, pricey, but I couldn't resist! Bags were not that exciting to me. I also gave up a pair of tall black boots for $100 and later found out that it retails for $895! Oh well...sometimes I just have to learn to say no in order for my wallet to survive these endless sample sales. I'm waiting for Proenza! Heard anything yet? Thanks again for the sales report!

    3. Hi Sarah,

      That's fantastic! Hope you enjoy your new jacket. Yes, I completely understand. You have to spread the love as there are lots more sample sales to come.

      Haven't heard from Proenza yet. I'll keep you updated.

  2. Are there any men's shoes at this sale?

  3. Miz, can I just say that I find the titles of your blog posts a constant delight? They always make me smile. As do, of course, your sales reports. Excellent reporting, per usual!

    I inquired about Pashlis and the SA told me that she had only seen two all day. Someone got lucky!

    1. Haha, thank you for noticing! I really try my darndest to come up with the titles. It used to be easy peasy but it's getting harder as the years go by. I think in the near future, I might have to start asking my fellow Mizhattanites for help :)

      Wow, the one or two people who grabbed them must have been either the first or second in line this morning. I got in pretty quick and I didn't see any on display.

    2. I definitely notice your post titles and enjoy them, thanks for putting so much effort into your entire blog, not just the sale intel. I enjoy reading everything :)

      My understanding with the Pashlis is that they were either hiding in the bins, or they were brought out during a restock, so you just had to be super lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

      to other mizhattanites: the shoes are probably the best deal at this sale, especially if you get boots or booties, so head there first. If you're a 37, 39, or 41, you're in luck. Large and medium bags are not a great deal (discount tends to come to around 50% off or less, unless you get something with an exotic skin maybe), while small bags and clutches can be a pretty good deal (closer to 70-80% off retail). Clothing is VERY expensive for a sample sale, I think, and not really worth the effort of finding something you like in your size unless there are markdowns. Definitely head there last.

      (PS. I comment here enough that I should probably start using a handle, but I am the same anon as 8:03 pm, as well as...many other comments on other posts.)

    3. Hi Madame X,

      Wow! Thank you so much for your detailed take on the sale. I agree the shoe section was where shoppers got the best bang for their buck.

      Also, thank you for using a handle! It makes for a better community :)
      FYI, next time when you select Name/URL, you can leave the url blank. Your comment will still post. One less thing to do.

    4. Awesome, good to know! Thanks!

  4. Hi - I am selling a tan 31 Hour bag... I had asked someone to buy me a Pashli at the sale and she bought me the 31 Hour bag instead haha. The bag is beautiful, just not the one I had asked for. Email if interested!

    1. how much and what color? i don't want to bother emailing unless I'm sure id want it.

    2. $500 (what the person paid - not trying to turn a profit) and tan. It's this one:

  5. Good review but its a line not a Queue -- this is America not England and we fought a Revolutionary War for freedom from England! Lot of American soldiers died fighting for our freedom and i doesnt matter if it was last year in Iraq or 200 years ago. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

    1. They are synonyms. Queue literally means line in the dictionary. Happy Memorial Day!!!!

  6. Any Martini shoes?

  7. oh my god - an American you should know, freedom of speech is the first amendment

    1. I agree. Get a grip. Making a political statement on a fashion blog...

    2. And not even an interesting or relevant political statement, but something totally bizarre...

  8. SALE UPDATE (5/20): New shipment of shoes arrived today!

  9. Miz any different styles in this shipment?

    1. I was only told a new batch came in. If anyone dropped by or plans to go today, please give us an update. Thank you!

  10. I went at 5/6pm ish today, mostly looked at bags, still small Ryder's left, some 31 hr bags and one olive green soleil chain bag--which I nabbed! They did find one medium blue pashli which all the people tried to grab but the saleswoman in purse area put aside saying she wasn't sure they were allowed to sell it.

  11. Is Friday or Sunday their last day? Thanks.

  12. I got there at around 6:30 and there was no queue. Men's inventory is actually decent. Haven't seen an inventory like this for guys in a while. (Men's inventory was awful for the last two PL sales.) They had quite a few full racks of clothes in a range of sizes. Shoes ranged from 41 to 45. Nabbed me a pair of beautiful, sleek, black leather monk straps with a suede cap toe. Women's shoes were definitely depleting. I was eyeing a pair of hunter green d'Orsay flats for my sister but those got snatched up right away. There was still a pretty good selection of RTW for women's. If you can only go after work, I would suggest trying to get there before 6:30.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Good to have you back. Hope you had a great trip! Thank you very much for taking the time to update us!

    2. Great to be back!

  13. The sale is extended through the weekend!

    Saturday, May 23, 10AM-7PM
    Sunday, May 24, 10AM-3PM

    1. Hi Nara!

      Thank you so much for letting everyone know!

  14. Any markdowns today?

  15. is there a markdown on saturday?

  16. any markdowns today may 23 ??

  17. I went there at 4pm and no markdowns

    1. thanks for the update. they will tons of leftover stock without some major price reduction tomorrow. SA told me on thursday they have boxes and boxes of clothes and bags downstairs and that the stuff is still so expensive, it's not moving at the rate they expected...

  18. Hi, has anyone had issues with any of their bag purchases? I purchased a large tote that did not look damaged at time of purchase (I went the first day of the sale) and then the straps / hardware became detached after 3 days of wear on Sunday. I complained, and PL cs is apologetic, but unhelpful. In the middle of filing consumer affairs complaints and disputing the charge with my CC as well, but wanted to see if this was an issue for anyone else. The hardware was shoddily attached with a screws and this bag never should have been sold! Additional info here:


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