Jun 10, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Details from Fendi & Tory Burch Private Sales

As you might have read from today's article, both Fendi and Tory Burch are currently and coincidentally hosting their private sample sales at Metropolitan Pavilion. Fendi's invite-only sale is happening on the 4th floor of 123 W. 18th Street while Tory Burch's private employee sale is taking place just one floor up. So far, both events are enforcing a strict 'do not enter' policy for the general public. This means if you are not on their list, it ain't going to happen. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. However, thanks to two commenters who spilled the beans on today's sales, we are now able to glean some insight into both events in terms of pricing and what's available inside. So, HUGE shoutouts to E and Anonymous for all their help!

E on Fendi:
"Hi everyone! I was lucky to have an invite for Fendi and tried Tory while at it. Tory requires an employee ID to get in so forget about that for now. As for Fendi, there is a 1 bag limit. Bags top out at 4000 for the exotic fur 3jour while all other 2jour and 3jours are 900 no matter what the size. Baguettes are 200-300, includes the fanciest styles. Shoes are anywhere from 50-400. The famous fur trim black bootied were 400. There was one pair of exotic boots for 4000. Logo flats are 70-150. Scarves are $50-$100. All sunglasses are 50 including the famous cat eyes (none left tho). Jewelry has been cleaned out, only name charms left. Belts for both mens and womens $75. Yes, there's mens shoes ranging from 100-300. Ipad cases were the biggest steal $25 down from $625.

The Fendi sale is very strict this time. They are checking names against a list plus ID needed. They have cut invite numbers low for SAs due to low stock this year. Hopefully it'll open Friday for non-invitees, but no promises!

There's a decent amount of patent leather quilted continental wallets for 100. the cheapest bag is $100 canvas.

Correction. They had mini crossbody satin peekaboos for 500 and the giant yellow snakeskin ones. There were only a few. I didnt check the price of the yellow snakeskin (they are leftover from last sale)"

Anonymous on Tory Burch:
"Hiya Miz! Since E is sharing the skinny on the Fendi sale I thought I would help out and share the 411 on the Tory Burch sale. My sis is an employee so the scoop comes from her.

-Sale is on fifth floor of Metropolitan Pavilion and only open to employees
-The stuff isn't the same junk as Clothing Line. Primo quality merch you won't ever find on sale for dirt cheap like this
-More bags/purses/clutches/totes/slgs than you can count. Bags are 35
-Jewelry: bracelets/cuffs/bangles on few tables. $10 each
-Loads of clothes
-Have no clue if they will let public in"

Going by what both commenters are saying, it seems as though the Tory Burch sample sale is the better of the two with its larger selection and kinder price list. Both sales are expected to run until Friday. If either one of these companies decides to open their sale to the public, Friday will be the best chance of it happening. On my part, I will try my best to keep you abreast of any breaking news. And finally, if any of you brave folks out there decide to try your luck tomorrow, I kindly ask that you share your experience with your fellow Mizhattanites in the comment section below.

{Image credit: Fendi}


  1. Both sales sound great!! I hope it opens up to the public!! :(

  2. Any updates on this sale?

  3. I tried both sales yesterday afternoon and they both had their doors closed. Knocked and went in and was flat out denied by the persons at the desk. It was ok because I went in with little hope of getting in since Miz wrote it was going to be diffcult for now. However I took a scan of both rooms and TB is the gem. Fendi is a ghost town with barely any stock while TB is fully loaded. Eventhough Fendi is the better label I really hope TB opens to the public tomorrow.

  4. My friends roommate works at tory
    Said they will NOT open to public
    its a kinda bonus for employees and stock not sold will be sent to clothing line next year or to discount stores --- sorry --even her roommate couldn't get in -

  5. I tried to get in the Fendi sale today. It's still a ghost town. I asked the women at the desk if the sale is open to the public today, she said no. I also asked if it'll be open tomorrow then, she said no again and she said it with a little attitude, like she was in shock someone actually thought this would be open to the public. Meanwhile I saw about 2-3 people shopping in there. I guess we'll see tomorrow ... :/

  6. I think I asked the same women this morning, same response.

  7. Hi,
    I`ve tried twice and both sales told me that they will not open for the public. what a shame!

  8. SALE UPDATE: All is still quiet on the Fendi and Tory Burch front. I will keep you updated on any new news as they unfold.

  9. Camped inside building hoping to get in. Word from other shoppers is Tory is selling bags fast, but still decent amount. Shoes are mainly in size 7. Additional reductions at Fendi. No luck as of 12:30

    1. Wow, talk about dedication! Though the outlook is bleak, I really hope they let you in.

  10. Hey guys - by chance would anyone know how late these sales are planning on running until? Would still love to try and sneak in :)

  11. SALE UPDATE: Still no good news coming from both sales. We might have to call time of death on this one. A big thanks to everyone who reported in with situation updates over the last three days.


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