Jun 23, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Snag & Brag at Rag & Bone

After a brief 4 month hiatus, hip & easy-going brand Rag & Bone returned to Chelsea Market to host their June sample sale. The event opened a day early for F&F (no name-checking at the door so anyone was allowed in) and despite today's very hot and sticky weather, the sale venue was mobbed by hungry bargain hunters looking to snag a few R&B goodies.

There's no place like Rag & Bone for streetwise, casual cool looks and today's event offered discounts on the label's signature comfy hip designs. The layout of the sale was exactly the same as their previous sales so I was able to navigate through the venue with ease. The women's section was set up on the upper level while the men's offerings were arranged on the lower level. By the looks of things, the sample sale had a nice mix of very fortunate tourists who happened to stop by Chelsea Market and savvy bargain shoppers in the know.

My inspection of David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's creations began in the women's shoe section located in one of the corners. Prices ranged from $150 for flats to $225 for heels and boots. If you're looking for Classic Newburys, you'll have to be a 7.5 and want it in gray. As for other shoes, the sale had on offer Georgie espadrilles, Aya sandals, Seldon sandals, Baron sandals, Jude sandals, and Liam boots--sizes for these were much more generous. Shoppers should also be aware that while some styles were cheaper than current online prices, others (like the Georgie espadrilles) were priced a bit higher at today's sample sale.

Handbags were randomly placed all over the sale space. Unlike their sale in February, there were no Pilots to be seen. There were however a large amount of $250 Aston satchels and Bradbury hobos. And while we're on the subject of accessories, the sale had $60 straw hats, $150 belts, and $150 wallets.

There's good news in the women's apparel section. Shoppers will be delighted to know that prices were slightly lower when compared to their last sale. Other than some leather pieces, overall, prices were $10~$50 cheaper this time around. As for inventory, piles of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and knits from Rag & Bone and their /JEAN line were placed on top of a giant center table. T-shirts were $65, sweaters were $135, /JEAN t-shirts were $40, and /JEAN sweaters were $85. After browsing this enormous table, I decided to hit the numerous racks that lined the walls. Items were organized by category and there were three racks of leather jackets, eight racks of blazers and outerwear, four racks of pants, two racks of dresses, and six racks of blouses, shirts, and other tops. Lots and lots of clothes! As for sizes, 00 to 10 and XXS to XL were all present.

The menswear area was much more calm than the frenzy up in the women's section. The sale offered various types of apparel for male shoppers like t-shirts ($50~$60), button-down shirts ($75), sweaters ($110), pants ($125), coats ($350), and blazers ($250). Sizes were available from XS to XXL and 36 to 46.

In retrospect, bags and shoes were pretty disappointing in terms of pricing and selection this time around. If you decide to stop by, I suggest getting your bargain fill in the RTW section as that's where you'll find items to snag & brag about. I've been informed more merchandise is expected to arrive on Thursday and further markdowns are a possibility on the last day. I will make sure to keep you updated on both as the sale progresses.

Price list:
T-shirts $65
Shirts/Tops $100
Sweaters $135
Jeans $85
Skirts $125
Dresses $185
Shorts $100
Pants $125
Vests $125
Blazers $200
Jackets $250
Coats $300
Leather separates $300
Leather dresses $450
Leather jackets $495

Women's /JEAN
T-shirts $40
Jeans $85
Sweaters $85

Women's footwear
Flats $150
Boots $225
Heel sandals $225

Women's accessories
Leather accessories $150
Bags $250
Hats/Scarves $60

Tees $50 & $60
Shirts $75
Sweaters $110
Pants $125
Blazers/Jackets $250
Vests $110 & $250
Coats $350
Christopher hoodie $495
Grayson overcoat $495


  1. Just a heads up - there were quite a few Pilot bags today. I scored a large walnut for $250 (Retail $995)! All sizes were present with different colors and designs. I was told they restocked quite a bit since yesterday. Unfortunately, none in black, which is what I was looking for, but the walnut is nevertheless amazing and so, so soft (as most lambskin is). Hopefully there will still be some available tomorrow! Good luck, shoppers.

    1. Sincerely appreciate the update on the new Pilot bags! Thank you!!

  2. Any markdowns on the weekend yet? Thank you! :)

  3. SALE UPDATE (6/28): Price reductions taken for the final 2 days.

    1. I thought today was the last day. Can you specify markdowns?


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