Jun 7, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Upcoming June Sales (Round 2)

From Father's Day deals to designer frames/sunnies and sexy lingerie to writing tools, there's something for everyone in the month of June. So grab your calendar and start circling dates because here's another list of upcoming sample sales that you won't want to miss out on.

Brunello Cucinelli
Discounts on women's & men's clothing and accessories. Details courtesy of Sample Sally.
Where: 625 Madison Ave. (bet. 58th & 59th St.), 2nd Floor
When: Monday, June 8th through Friday, June 12th. 9am~5pm

Cynthia Steffe & Vince Camuto
Discounts on women's clothing and shoes.
Where: 308 W. 39th St. (bet. 8th & 9th Ave.)
When: Monday, June 8th, 8:30am~6pm
Tuesday, June 9th, 8:30am~6pm
Wednesday, June 10th, 8:30am~6pm
Thursday, June 11th, 8:30am~6pm
Friday, June 12th, 8:30am~3pm

Discounts on women's clothing and accessories.
Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
When: Saturday, June 13th, 9am~7pm
Sunday, June 14th, 10am~6:30pm
Monday, June 15th, 10am~6:30pm
Tuesday, June 16th, 10am~6:30pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 10am~6pm

Discounts on Italian suiting.
Where: 129 Prince St. (bet. West Broadway & Wooster St.)
When: Tuesday, June 16th, 10am~7pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 10am~7pm
Thursday, June 18th, 10am~7pm
Friday, June 19th, 10am~2pm

Discounts on menswear and accessories plus a limited selection of womenswear.
Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
When: Monday, June 8th, 9am~6:30pm
Tuesday, June 9th, 9am~6:30pm
Wednesday, June 10th, 9am~6:30pm
Thursday, June 11th, 9am~5pm

La Perla
At last year's sale, prices started at $20 for lacy thongs and went up to $180 for bustiers. Read the full Mizhattan report.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th St.)
When: Monday, June 15th,1pm~6:30pm
Tuesday, June 16th, 9:30am~6:30pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 9:30am~6:30pm
Thursday, June 18th, 9:30am~6:30pm
Friday, June 19th, 9:30am~6:30pm

Mara Hoffman
Save up to 75% off on RTW, swimwear, kids, and bridal.
Where: 201 Mulberry St. (bet. Spring & Kenmare St.)
When: Friday, June 12th through Saturday, June 13th. 10am~7pm

Modo Eyewear
Save up to 70% off sunglasses and optical frames from brands like Jason Wu and Derek Lam. Here are photos from last November.
Where: 594 Broadway (bet. Houston & Prince St.), Suite 801
When: Tuesday, June 9th through Thursday, June 11th. 11am~7pm

Discounts on notebooks, bags, writing tools, and accessories.
Where: 210 Eleventh Ave. (bet. 24th & 25th St.), Suite 1004
When: Monday, June 8th, 11am~4pm
Tuesday, June 9th, 10am~4pm

Save up to 70% off on writing instruments, timepieces, leather accessories, and jewelry.
Where: 151 Wooster St. (bet. Houston & Prince St.)
When: Monday, June 8th through Tuesday, June 9th. 9am~7pm

Discounts on womenswear, menswear, and accessories.
Where: 261 W. 36th St. (bet. 7th & 8th Ave.), 2nd Floor
When: Tuesday, June 16th, 11am~8pm
Wednesday, June 17th, 11am~7pm
Thursday, June 18th, 11am~7pm
Friday, June 19th, 11am~7pm
Saturday, June 20th, 11am~7pm

{Image credit: La Perla}


  1. Hi Miz. Last December the staff at Modo said they no longer have a partnership with Phillip Lim, thus the lack in stock that time. Not sure if that still holds.

    1. Hi El R,

      It looks like you might be right. Went ahead and revised the article.

    2. I asked someone at Modo, they said they have Derek Lam, Jason Wu, Modo and Eco brands, Sun and optical all for $20

  2. Hey Miz, I'm looking forward to the moleskine sample sale! I saw on another website that the sale is scheduled to be open to the public on Tuesday June 9th only. Do you know if the Monday June 8th that you listed above a VIP day or something like that? I want to make sure to get there on the first day!

    1. Hi Max,

      The invitation I received does not state that today (6/8) is for VIPs. Therefore I have to believe it is open to the public today.

  3. Hey Miz, will you cover the Montblanc sample sale? any info on prices?

    1. Hi Andreea,

      No, I won't be covering the Montblanc sample sale. However, maybe a fellow Mizhattanite who has stopped by will kindly share the details.

    2. Discounts are around 70% off at Montblanc. Everything is individually marked with prices starting at $40 for keychains. Pens start at around $170. You only get 20 min to shop inside before they ask you to leave which really isn't much time at all but it's understandable considering the crowds this morning.

    3. Nara to the rescue! Thank you as always for the update!!

  4. I went in at 1 PM. There was no 20 minute turn around. I stayed there for 30 minutes. I bought the last fountain pen, last zipped leather tablet case and the last case of 80 dollar cufflinks. Loads of cuff links and jewelry still on sale. Only 5-6 belts were left when I left. Belts cost from 108 -220 something. There are pencils, fine liner pens, roller point pens, ball pens for 200 plus. Go there for rings, bracelets and cuff links. I bought a key fob for 88 and I think it was expensive but it is what it is.

  5. SALE UPDATE (6/9): Price reductions taken at Kiton sample sale.

  6. stopped by modo sale. all frames are $20. Not a huge selection, but some nice derek lam shades. somebody was grabbing as many as she could (i suspect to resell because she wasn't even trying them on). I was told they would be restocking tomorrow morning (not today). So you may want to stop by in the morning. note this sale is CASH only.

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to update us on the details!

  7. Thanks for the update. Any Jason Wu's or Modo titanium frames? TIA.

    1. I was there, they actually were restocking some frames, because they were going so fast. Lisa is the marketing coordinator there and she mentioned how she was going to restock as need be. There was one guy there buying so many frames, Modo stopped him at 40 frames. $20 is a bargain but i think they thought he was going to resell. Everyone there is super nice and a calm environment to be in, they let you take your time and choose the frame that fits perfectly. they give their honest opinion and there is an optician on staff that gave me advice about my lens.

    2. There were Derek Lam and Modo titanium frames although very few. Don't recall seeing any from Jason Wu. Hopefully they'll restock them this morning.

  8. I stopped by Modo in the afternoon. It was very calm and organized with staffers there to offer advice and answer questions. They had lots of frames to choose from including titanium and recycled plastic materials. They even had current season styles like Natalie, that are still selling on Jason Wu's official site. They will restock in the morning but no new styles will be added. You can check out my blog for a full review and photos .

  9. For anyone interested in Kiton: I stopped by yesterday to find discounts of 70% and 80% off on menswear. Tags are color coded with blue or pink labels denoting the discount. There's still a huge selection of trousers and jackets but it's far too expensive. A pair of jeans has a retail price of $995 and everything else is in the thousands. I was surprised that they had a women's section. Very small selection mostly in size 42 but at 90% discount! Pricy but it's possible to find a very nice office appropriate number.

    Also went to Vince Camuto/Cynthia Steffe sale. Prices are $10 for bottoms to $25 for jackets/dresses. There's tons of merchandise but I couldn't find anything to buy. I was mainly looking for pants and blazers. Majority of items are shirts and blouses from Chaus, Vince Camuto, and a bunch of Steffe dresses. If you were hoping to find some random pieces from Zadig/DVF/Thakoon/etc. don't bother, those got snatched in the first 2 days. They'll probably drop prices to $5 either later today or tomorrow.

  10. Hi Nara, thanks for the update.

  11. Miz, any word on DVF yet?

  12. Hi Miz. Do you know if Mikimoto had sample/employee sales this year? When do they usually have their sales?

    Thank you.

    1. Mikimoto hasn't hosted their employee sale for quite some time now. I'm not sure if they will have one this year but I'll keep my ears open.

  13. Did anyone stopped by the Escada sample sale?

  14. I stopped by escada on the first day right at the opening time, the discounts were good 75% to 90% off. But the stock was very limited not like the last sale. Things at 90% off were almost all damaged.

  15. SALE UPDATE (6/17): The La Perla sample sale has been extended to Friday.

  16. Are there further discounts at La Perla?

  17. I went to La Perla today , no additional discounts:(

  18. i got a update there is 25% off now at la perla

  19. SALE UPDATE (6/19): The Theory sample sale has been extended to Saturday. Take an additional 30% off everything.


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