Jun 8, 2015


If you had to distill your closet down to a single item to wear to social gatherings throughout this warm weather season, I would recommend you consider an Alice + Olivia summer frock. Whether you're attending a swanky rooftop party or a lovely summer wedding, one fabulous cocktail dress is all you need, and those in the know clamor for Stacey Bendet's flirty designs. To get fashionable you ready for such events, Alice + Olivia kicked off their bi-annual 6-day long sample sale today. From the label's sparkly sequins to pretty prints, it was a one-stop shop for anyone looking to boost their party look. Shall we get this bargain festivity started? A-Yo, AO!

Women's apparel was arranged by size and included everything from 0/XS to 12/XL. As expected, there were plenty of the label's signature soirée staples such as the Zenden lace mini dress, Camille polka-dot pouf skirt, Pout collared dress, Elliotte embellished sequin dress, Alanna tweed jacket, Symson embellished jacket, Kidman striped jacket, and Onella embroidered kimono jacket. Basic top and tees were priced $39 while cocktail dresses were priced $119~$279. The most expensive items on sale were floor-length evening gowns. They were marked down to $279~$299.

There were eleven racks of samples situated in the back of the venue. Here, bargain hunters were rummaging through sequined tops, evening dresses, and mini skirts. Prices for samples were impressive. Leggings were $29, pants were $39, blouses were $49, shorts & skirts were $49, sweaters were $49, jackets were $49, dresses were $59, and gowns were $119.

Accessories were reasonably priced but the selection didn't look too appealing. There were fedora hats, Veronica printed totes, oversized leather clutches, keychains, iPad cases, and leather satchels in various colors and styles. Keychains were $8, iPad cases were $29, leather pouches were $39, hats were $49, clutches were $99, and totes were $109.

Finally, a fitting room was setup in the back so that shoppers could try-on items. A limit of 10 items at a time was set for try-ons.

Price list:
Production overstock

Leggings $29
Pants $39
Blouses/Knits $49
Jumpers/Rompers $49
Shorts/Skirts $49
Capris $49
Sweaters $49
Jackets/Vests $49
Dresses $59
Embellished/Leathers $99
Coats $99
Gowns $119

Keychains $8
iPhone/iPad accessories $29
Leather pouches $39
Hats $49
Scarves $49
Kids $69
Mens $69
Clutches $99
Crossbody bags $99
Totes $109
Handbags $109


  1. is there a long line for this sale?

  2. I went there around 4:00 and there was no line to get in. The sale was pretty well stocked. The sample area (where most of my time was focused) was very crowded but definitely had some gems. Proceed with caution though because 75% (if not more) of the beaded/lace dressed were damaged. I found a beautiful long, black beaded dress that had a hole in the bottom (I would've had to get it shortened any way because I'm short so that didn't bother me too much) but upon further inspection it was missing patches of beading. The line for the try on room was huge and it was packed inside (like 4 girls to a rack packed). Trying to get to the mirror was very difficult unless they positioned you in front of one. The checkout line was very short. When I left there were about 10 people waiting to get in.

    On a side note about the venue and not the sale itself-one thing that massively grossed me out was that I saw a cockroach on the floor of the sample sale area, just moseying around as if it were its normal daily routine. I told one of the guys that worked there but he didn't seem too surprised.

  3. Does anyone know if the long colorful dress that is in the picture, before the pic that has 119 samples is still there. I see there was only one. I will check on Friday morning. I hope it is a size 4 or 6. It has purple, red, yellow, it sort of look like a mural.


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