Aug 28, 2015


1. Kate Spade glass pitcher at Macy's, $30
2. Kate Spade illustrated coupe sandwich accent plate at Macy's, $9
3. Kate Spade tea kettle at Macy's, $50
4. Kate Spade set of 4 stainless steel spreader set at Macy's, $25
5. Kate Spade set of 3 serve and store bowls at Macy's, $50
6. Kate Spade scatter dot dinner plate at Macy's, $14
7. Kate Spade covered casserole at Macy's, $65
8. Kate Spade fruit mug at Macy's, $7
9. Kate Spade 2 piece fry pan set at Macy's, $45
10. Kate Spade scatter dot utensil crock and wooden utensils at Macy's, $40
11. Kate Spade set of 4 glasses at Macy's, $30

*Kate Spade launched a new kitchenware collection called All In Good Taste. The complete line of bakeware, cookware, glassware, and flatware is sold exclusively at Macy's.

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