Aug 19, 2015


Just when I thought this week would quietly pass by without a good bargain to be had, Greek skincare and cosmetics brand Korres surprises beauty bargainistas with their summer discount blowout. The sale is set up inside the company's office located at 270 Lafayette Street, Suite 706 and is open today and tomorrow. From colorful lip glosses to nourishing moisturizers and body care products, the Korres sample sale offers shoppers extremely generous markdowns on a wide assortment of the label's high-quality products. I swung by the sale this morning and was Korres'ed with awesome deals.

Inside the company's office, three tables were set aside for the sale. The makeup table was comprised of lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, concealers, powders, cheek colors, and other cosmetics. Cheek butters were $5, lip glosses/glazes in various tones of pink and red were $5, loose powders were $15, concealers were $5, and foundation sets were $20. There was also a small jar that contained $1 sample-sized lip glosses.

Over at the skincare table, I found $5 anti-aging eye creams, $10 anti-aging face serums, $15 day and night creams, $10 milk foaming cleansers, $10 skin smoothing gels, $5 cleansing wipes, and $10 vitamin E face primers. The bath & body section also carried great bargains. Body scrubs were marked down to $10, body butters were $10, after sun cooling gels were $10, and shower gels were $8 & $10 depending on the size. Make sure to check out the full price list at the end of this article.

When I stopped by this morning there wasn't a crowd to be seen so definitely use that to your advantage and run over there as soon as you can. I also have to mention how friendly the staff was. They couldn't have been any nicer when answering questions and giving advice to shoppers. I believe the only downside to this sale is that the event is scheduled to end tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for?! Go!!

Price list:
Skin treatment $1
Anti-aging primer $2
Anti-aging lotion $15
Anti-aging face serum $10
Anti-aging serum $5
Anti-aging foundation $15
Anti-aging concealer $5
Day and night cream $15
Skincare kit $20
Cleansing wipes $5
Foaming cleanser $10
Skin smoothing gel $10
Vitamin E face primer $10
Golden eyeliner $5
Cheek butter $5
Powder blush $5
Loose powder $15
Lipsticks $5
Lip gloss $5
Lip glaze $5
Foundation set $20
Concealer set $10
Body scrub $10
Mini body butter $5
Body butter $10
After sun cooling gel $10
Shower gel small $8
Shower gel large $10
Nail polish trio set $15
Nail polish $5


  1. This was a great sale...thanks for the tip Miz!!!

  2. Another great sale! And I though I was done with beauty products after Peach and Lily lol. Some items sold out fairly quick: like wipes, $1 lip goss, pomegranate creams, certain shades of powders/foundations, etc.

    1. Hi Nara,

      Completely agree. It was a great sale. Thanks for the update on the stock!

  3. Thank you so much! I overslept and didn't know if it would still be worth it to go. I came home with a big haul. I don't love some of the lipsticks but it was still a great deal. :)

    1. Hi cat,

      I'm so happy to hear you made out well. The lipsticks can be as stocking stuffers come this holiday season so it's not a complete waste. Enjoy all your new goodies!

  4. What are the hours?

  5. Hi Miz, is it still worth going to the sale now?

    1. I came out of the sale at 2-ish and there isn't much left. I would not go if I were you unless you are in the neighborhood.

  6. I went at 12:15 and there were 3 people ahead of me that hoarded all the face creams !! I can't stand when people do that. I was able to get one face cream after they put some of them back.


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