Sep 17, 2015

Apple Watch x [Insert Brand]

Last week, Apple unveiled their first-ever Apple Watch collaboration with a fashion house and introduced three special edition Hermès versions. After viewing the full collection of soon-to-be-released high-tech timepieces, I couldn't help but wonder if this would be the beginning to a series of Apple luxury collabs. For instance, what if Chanel joined in on the fun with an Apple version of their Première watch? Or Louis Vuitton with their Monogram Canvas? So after spending a few minutes fantasizing about these imaginary watches, I thought it would be even more fun to make visuals for all of us to see. What do you think, guy and gals? Do you have a favorite from these six? Or is there another fashion label you wish to see team up with Apple? Let's discuss!


  1. Gimme that Chanel!! <3<3

  2. They all look nice but I'm partial to the Cartier band you designed. It looks really sleek. My two cents is I don't think Apple will partner up with another brand. Instead brands might manufacture their own bands and sell them separately...not unlike how they do phone cases.

  3. Loving the lv and rolly

  4. Only the person who buys designer iphone cases would buy these watches and or the hermes. At first I was excited to see the Hermes bands on these beauties but after a short while I said to my self "Will I be wearing this watch in 2-3 years?" probably not, a. because it is not a timeless classic watch and, b. there will be an upgraded version of the watch in 1-2 years.


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