Sep 16, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Grazie Milly

After years of being part of Clothingline's many multi-brand sales, Milly is finally getting their own sample sale this week. The 3-day shopping spree kicked off at exactly 11am this morning in the Garment District and since I was curious to see what the discounts and selection would be like, I dropped by early to take a gander at the goods. So what's the dilly at Milly, you ask? Right this way please!

A new season calls for a new wardrobe and this week's Milly sale offers bargain shoppers a plethora of Michelle Smith's vibrant and flirty fall designs. With the sale merchandise divided into three basic sections, shoppers can find women's apparel and Milly Minis in the front of the venue while handbags placed inside numerous plastic bins were in the back of the room.

As for prices, tops were $39, sweaters were $49, shorts were $39, skirts were $49, pants were $49, dresses were $79, and outerwear was $129~$179. As you can see, discounts on women's apparel was pretty reasonable but there was a catch. Many of the clothes were missing a size tag which, according to staffers, meant they were samples and therefore sample sizes. As for the selection, there were plenty of varieties to choose from: printed blouses, sequined skirts, tweed jackets, evening gowns, cocktail frocks, animal prints, and lots of fall textures.

As I mentioned earlier, handbags were situated in the back of the sale venue. Here I found prices to be unbeatable. Clutches, crossbodies, shoulder bags, hobos, and totes were priced $29 for small sizes and $49 for larger ones.

It may be a bit late but if you're still in the market for back-to-school outfits for your little ones, today's Milly sample sale had two racks full of girls' apparel with sample sizes available in 4 and 10. Tops were $29, bottoms were $29, dresses were $49, jackets were $69, and coats were $89.

To briefly sum up, Milly's official first-ever sample sale offered generous discounts which will make you go "Grazie mille, Milly!". The sale ambiance on opening day morning was very manageable so consider stopping by after work today if you wear a sample size and you just might find something to perk up your autumn style. Finally, as a FYI, a communal fitting room was set up in the back of the venue with a 10 item limit.

Price list:
Bra top $29
Tops $39
Sweater $49
Shorts $39
Skirts $49
Pants $49
Dresses $79
Jackets/Vests $129
Coats $149
Embellished & fur coats $179

Small clutches & small crossbody bags $29
All other bags $49

Milly Minis
Tops $29
Bottoms $29
Dresses $49
Jackets $69
Coats $89


  1. I went around 5:30 PM after work, and found most of the items picked through. They still have a lot of stock left, but most of it is unfinished samples or damaged pieces (think safety pins, missing buttons, rips, missing beading, and damaged zippers). The kids clothes were worth looking at, otherwise don't waste your time heading over.

  2. Miz - Thanks for the review. I see you are on IG now!!!! <3

  3. SALE UPDATE (9/18): For the final day, additional markdowns have been taken at Milly sample sale.

  4. hi miz, when the sale ends and they still many items left, do you know what they usually do with the left overs? save for the next sample sale or something else?


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