Oct 5, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Ferragamo #Fail

Salvatore Ferragamo is highly regarded for their well-crafted shoes, handbags, and leather accessories. The brand was founded in the late 1920s in Florence, Italy, and before launching his house, Sig. Ferragamo garnered his fame by creating made-to-measure shoes for the who's who of Hollywood's golden age (Ava Gardner, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, Katherine Hepburn to name a few). For Ferragamo fans, possessing a piece of this longstanding fashion house is like having a small part of the brand's history. Luckily for bargain seekers, one way to score discounts on their Italian-made goods is via the company's sample sales which, it just so happens, is taking place this week. But are the markdowns as generous as their past sales? Let's just say it was a Ferragamo #Fail.

Today was the opening day of Salvatore Ferragamo's sample sale and when I arrived a little after 9:30am there were only about 20 shoppers waiting in queue. Fortunately, the doors opened approximately an hour and a half earlier than originally scheduled and the sale went underway without too much commotion.

Once I made it inside, I wasted no time and headed straight upstairs to the second floor where women's shoes were located. The brand's most iconic Vara pumps and Varina flats were unfortunately no where to be seen. Disappointed, I looked towards the other styles of flats, sandals, pumps, wedges, booties, and boots to see if any of them would catch my interest. To delve into details, I spotted Rebi pumps, My Paris flats, Scotty loafers, and Rubia flats priced $199. Fadime slingbacks, My Paris pumps, Rimma pumps, Giara pumps, and Flavienne pumps were marked down to $249. And finally, Royal booties were $299 (photo above) while Cornel boots and Ross boots were $399. FYI, this rundown is only a small selection of the full inventory. There were way more designs available but I didn't want to just start listing names. As for sizes, shoes were available from 5~11 but most were 7~10 and half-sizes were nearly non-existent.

After perusing the ladies' footwear, I spent a few minutes taking a peek at the men's offerings which were also located on the second level. In the shoe section, prices ranged from $99 to $349 and the selection included sneakers of various styles and colors, penny loafers, oxfords, and ankle boots. Sizes were available from 6~12 but most were either small (6~7) or large (11~12). Men's apparel consisted of two racks of dress pants and four racks of dress shirts. In addition, in an alcove, I found trench coats, blazers, heavy knits, and outerwear with prices ranging from $99 to $999. Men's accessories such as silk ties, knit ties, leather belts, leather gloves, iPhone/iPad cases, and other small leather goods were also on hand for $170 and under.

On the main level, the women's merchandise consisted of eight shelves of handbags, twelve racks of RTW, two vitrines full of silk scarves, five glass showcases of sunglasses, and a single belt rack. Bags were individually marked and prices ranged from $230 to $1,626. As for other price points, sunglasses were $147, belts were $167, scarves were $129, and SLGs were $99. You can find the full price list at the end of this article.

Ferragamo sample sales used to be one of those amazing shopping treasures that never ceased to disappoint bargain hunters. Unfortunately, this week's event at C21 isn't one of them. Therefore, my MizAdvice is for you to either skip this one or hold off until further markdowns are announced.

Price list:
Women's apparel
Knit pullovers $199
Knit cardigans $159
Knit t-shirts $49
Pants $179
Skirts $179
Dresses $395
Blouses $99
Tanks $29
Outerwear $899

Men's apparel
Knit pullovers $159
Knit cardigans $249
Suits $499
Pants $179
Dress shirts $99
Blazers $299
Outerwear $999

Ladies shoes
Flats $199
Heels $249
Ankle boots $299
Tall boots $399

Men's shoes
Dress shoes $349
Tramezza shoes $599
World shoes $99
Sneakers $249
Boots $329

Women's accessories
Small leather goods $99
Belts $169
Jewelry $149

Men's accessories
Small leather goods $99
Ties $79

Foulards-square scarves (90x90) $149
Oblong scarves $129
Sunglasses $149


  1. Oh my....the prices look very very high. Thanks for the report!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Yup, prices were definitely on the higher side. As always, thank you so much for reading!

  2. Most sample sales under Century 21 are crazy expensive, just like the store itself. Last season(s) overpriced merchandise that is already 75% off at department stores.
    Thank you for your report, spot on and informative as usual.

    1. Yes, century 21 used to be great deal until tourists came. The merchandise is priced to take into account the tourists with euros and lower usd dollar values..I remember back in the day you could get a prada or miu bag for 150 and seven mankind jeans for 39 dollars! Those days gone:( I'm laughing bc the sf bag I got for 45 dollars at last sale has a $485 tag on it! That's 10x the amount from 11 months ago and now bag a year older!

  3. Worst sale EVER!!!

  4. Thank you for saving me the trip.

  5. The bags are unwanted styles and overpriced. Blah.

  6. Thanks for the report! I waited in line yesterday evening and agree - it was overpriced and the styles were thumbs down.

  7. Did anyone else pick up on the fact that this time around all the price tags were century 21 store tags? Last sale none of the items were tagged with century 21 store tags - I still have a few items with tags in my closet and doubled check that.

    Talked to my century 21 personal shopper and he said his intel is that what ever is not going to be sold at the sale will find its way to century 21’s store racks at lower price points.

    1. Is it possible that C21 purchased them from Ferragamo and jacked up the prices for the sake of "sample sale"?

    2. I did notice that!!!Last time it was a SF tag so that means the prices will not be reduced like last time either !! Reason to skip even on last day/

  8. Last C21 SF sale, I got My Paris flats for $120. Now it's $199. Also, a bag that I bought for $220 is now being sold for $450+. Definitely not worth lining up for

  9. No additional discount today. Sucks!

  10. Additional 50 percent off on Thursday

  11. How are the lines now?

  12. I went there around 3pm and waited about 40 min. not much choice, but worse checking cause extra 50 % off. They open tomorrow too.

  13. is sale open today? worth going at all?


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