Oct 20, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Mendelly Prepared

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. So to help you get ready for the soon-to-arrive festivities, J. Mendel's fall sample sale is here this week so you can dazzle the crowd. The event offers bargain shoppers up to 75% off on Gilles Mendel's couture-like eveningwear as well as a nice selection of furs and accessories. Earlier today, I stopped by the sale's VIP portion and browsed through the discounted offerings. For those planning on attending, read this review and hopefully you'll be Mendelly prepared.

Unlike previous J. Mendel sales, this fall's bargain event focused more towards RTW than furs. From sequined tops to red carpet gowns, the sale offered a wide assortment of formal dresses and separates. To delve further into details, a feline print pleated dress was marked down to $1,045 (originally $2,990 & photo above), a pink eyelet cap sleeve dress was $1,015 (originally $2,900 & 10th photo below), a strapless printed dress was $1,260 (originally $1,850 & 3rd photo below), and an embroidered strapless dress was $1,190 (originally $3,400 & 6th photo below). In addition, there were also 6 racks of floor-length gowns beautifully organized with prices ranging $500~$3,000. 

As for the fur selection, there were roughly 5 racks of boleros, jackets, vests, and coats up for grabs. An aqua dyed karakul lamb coat, for instance, was priced $8,575 (originally $24,500 & 17th photo below), a multi-colored fox jacket was priced $8,050 (originally $23,000 & 19th photo below), a gray fox vest was priced $2,275 (originally $6,500 & 15th photo below), and a Russian sable jacket was priced $21,000 (originally $60,000).

Handbags were located on the left side near the checkout counters. Here, I spotted 3 tables of leather styles and exotic skins plus 2 tables of evening clutches. Prices on daytime handbags started at $580 for small sizes and went up to $10,325 for alligator totes. As for clutches, there were many different textures and materials like crocodile, fur, python, glitter, metallic, and satin. Prices on these evening clutches were $350~$3,065.

As far as other accessories, there were 10 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes but sizes were only available from 39 and up. Furthermore, I saw a small selection of hats and scarves in different types of fur such as shearling, mink, fox, and chinchilla situated near the entrance.

If you're looking for a serious steal, the sale organizer set aside a special room for dresses and gowns that were marked down to $200~$600. I took a quick gander of that room and found 6 racks that consisted of bridal gowns, lace frocks, cocktail dresses, chiffon skirts, and evening gowns.

This week's J. Mendel sample sale opens to the public tomorrow by appointment. If you still haven't booked a spot, I've been informed the sale will open for walk-ins starting 12pm on Wednesday and stay open all day on Thursday (9am~3pm) so feel free to drop by then. Their address is 265 W. 37th Street, 17th Floor.


  1. Thanks for the report, Miz! It must be quite a week for you. Do you happen to know what is price on the white shirt in the 12th picture?

    1. Sorry, I didn't check the price on that white blouse.

    2. white blouse was either 450 or 495

    3. I saw a tag $350, some a damages as they are very delicate

  2. Thx for sharing! Can't wait to go this afternoon :o)

  3. The prices in this sample sale are a little too rich for my blood. A year or two ago I scored samples at $20-100. II didn't see anything cheaper than 400 in the sample section. A black dress I liked- no leather/fur - just plain jersey, was 1K.

  4. Amazing report, now I definitely want to go. Do you know the hours for open sale Thursday?


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