Oct 29, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Upcoming November Sales

Hope everyone has recovered from last week's havoc at Hermès because November is just around the corner and that means the fall sample sale season will hit its stride. From Lela Rose to NEST Fragrance to Theory and more, here's your first batch of upcoming November sales.

Derek Lam
Discounts on RTW, shoes, and accessories from Derek Lam and 10 Crosby.
Where: 151 Wooster St. (bet. Houston & Prince St)
When: Tuesday, November 3rd, 11am~8pm
Wednesday, November 4th, 10am~8pm
Thursday, November 5th, 10am~8pm
Friday, November 6th, 10am~8pm
Saturday, November 7th, 10am~8pm
Sunday, November 8th, 10am~4pm

HANRO of Switzerland
Save up to 75% off on loungewear, sleepwear, and underpinnings.
Where: 358 Fifth Ave. (entrance on 34th bet. 5th & 6th Ave.), 6th Floor.
When: Tuesday, November 17th, 8am~6pm
Wednesday, November 18th, 8am~5pm

La Perla
Discounts on lingerie, sleepwear, and accessories.
Where: 43 Wooster St. (bet. Broome & Grand St.)
When: Sunday, November 8th, 12pm~7pm
Monday, November 9th, 11am~7pm
Tuesday, November 10th, 11am~7pm
Wednesday, November 11th, 11am~7pm
Thursday, November 12th, 11am~7pm
Friday, November 13th, 11am~7pm
Saturday, November 14th, 11am~7pm

Lela Rose
Save up to 75% off on the brand's Fall '15 collection.
Where: 224 W. 30th St. (bet. 7th & 8th Ave.)
When: Wednesday, November 18th, 9am~7pm
Thursday, November 19th, 9am~6pm
Friday, November 20th, 9am~5pm

Lulu Frost
Save up to 70% off on jewelry.
Where: 12 E. 20th St. (bet. Broadway & 5th Ave.), 2nd Floor
When: Wednesday, November 18th, 11am~8pm
Thursday, November 19th, 11am~8pm
Friday, November 20th, 11am~6pm

Save up to 80% off on apparel, bags, accessories, home decor, and fabrics.
Where: 43 Wooster St. (bet. Broome & Grand St.)
When: Tuesday, November 3rd, 11am~7pm
Wednesday, November 4th, 11am~7pm
Thursday, November 5th, 11am~7pm
Friday, November 6th, 11am~7pm
Saturday, November 7th, 11am~5pm

NEST Fragrance
Save up to 80% off on scented candles, fragrances, diffusers, liquid soaps, and gift set.
Where: 151 Wooster St. (bet. Houston & Prince St.)
When: Tuesday, November 17th, 10am~8pm
Wednesday, November 18th, 10am~8pm
Thursday, November 19th, 10am~8pm
Friday, November 20th, 10am~7pm
Saturday, November 21st, 10am~7pm
Sunday, November 22nd, 11am~5pm
Monday, November 23rd, 11am~7pm

Nina Shoes
Discounts on women's shoes and accessories.
Where: 35 E. 19th St. (bet. Broadway & Park Ave.)
When: Monday, November 2nd, 11am~7:30pm
Tuesday, November 3rd, 11am~7:30pm
Wednesday, November 4th, 10am~3pm

Ralph Lauren
The sale is open to employees and F&F only. Sale attendees must present a shopping pass issued by the company.
Where: 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)
When: Wednesday, November 4th, 9am~6pm
Thursday, November 5th, 9am~5pm

Save up to 70% off on RTW, eveningwear, outerwear, shoes, and handbags.
Where: 70 W. 40th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave.), 12th Floor  
When: Monday, November 2nd through Friday, November 6th. 9am~4:30pm 

Rebecca Minkoff
Save up to 70% off on RTW, handbags, shoes, and accessories.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th St.)
When: Monday, November 9th, 11am~9pm
Tuesday, November 10th, 10am~8pm
Wednesday, November 11th, 10am~8pm
Thursday, November 12th, 10am~8pm
Friday, November 13th, 10am~8pm
Saturday, November 14th, 10am~5pm

Steven Alan
Save up to 70% off on clothing, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.
Where: 87 Franklin St. (bet. Broadway & Church St.)
When: Thursday, November 12th, 8am~8pm
Friday, November 13th, 10am~8pm
Saturday, November 14th, 10am~7pm
Sunday, November 15th, 12pm~6pm

Discounts on womenswear.
Where: 261 W. 36th St. (bet. 7th & 8th Ave.), 2nd Floor
When: Tuesday, November 17th, 11am~8pm
Wednesday, November 18th, 11am~7pm
Thursday, November 19th, 11am~7pm
Friday, November 20th, 11am~7pm
Saturday, November 21st, 11am~4pm

Under Armour
Discounts on sports apparel, athletic shoes, and accessories. Please note, the sale is for Starrett-Lehigh tenants only but many shoppers were able to sneak in at their last sale.
Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1340
When: Monday, November 2nd through Thursday, November 5th. 11am~5pm

{Image credit: Lela Rose}


  1. Has there been a wait to get in to Derek Lam on the first day in the past? Thanks!

  2. Has anyone been to the Raoul sale? Thank you!

  3. Did anyone get into the under armour sale?

    1. yes, today. i did not even read the note above saying that it was for the tenants only. I was able to get in without any problems.

  4. Miz- Any update on Manalo and Furla sales?

    1. Manolo details will be published soon. As for Furla, they've been continuing to postpone their fall sale. I'm told by my contact it's because they've been super busy with the opening of their 5th Ave boutique. Once I hear from them, I will let you know.

    2. Thanks so much for the update.

  5. Went to the VIP access for Derek Lam this morning and I waked out with nothing! Not much Derek Lam Crosby and mostly older stuff. Not worth going in my opinion. You're better off going to the store directly that's having a 40% off select items right now.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Much appreciated!

    2. I agree with the post. The prices were high for the quality. The only good deal were the shoes starting at 100.

    3. There was no line when I went around 1:30pm, and it wasn't very crowded inside. As with the other poster, I walked out with nothing. The stock wasn't terrible, but not very exciting. And way overpriced for what it was. If they offered further discounts, I might consider buying something.

  6. Miz any idea when the Aquazurra sample sale will be? Those are my FAV shows! ��

    1. They're one of my favorites, too! But I haven't heard anything yet regarding their sample sale in fall. I will definitely keep my ears open.

  7. Hi Miz,

    Do you know if Acne Studios has a sample sale? last one I ever see advertised was from 2013. Any info would be soo appreciated!!!

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything yet. I will let you know if I hear something.

  8. Derek Lam sale was way overpriced. For those prices I can get high end Italian clothing not this made in China crap. Anyway I bought one pair of wedge sandals 10 crossby for $75 they seemed comfy enough when I tried them. At least I didn't waist my lunch hour completely ;)

  9. Any update on when the Hugo Boss Sample Sale will be happening?

  10. I think there's a Vince sale that started today and ends Sunday at Chelsea Market, if you're interested in adding it to this list!

  11. The lines for the ralph lauren sale were so ridiculous.

  12. SALE UPDATE (11/5): Further reductions taken effect at the Derek Lam sample sale. Take an extra 40% off.

  13. anyone know if the under armour sale is open to the public or if its easy to get in to if you don't work in the building? thanks!

    1. It's very easy to get in to. The building is huge with lots of tenants so I didn't have a problem. Just tell security you are here for a sale and they swipe you in.

  14. SALE UPDATE (11/6): Further reductions taken effect at the Marimekko sample sale. Take an extra 20% off starting today.

    1. Are there any leather bags at the Marimekko sample sale?

  15. SALE UPDATE (11/7): Final reductions have taken effect at the Derek Lam sample sale. Take an extra 70% off.

  16. The Minkoff sale surprised me and I am truly glad I went! I arrived after 6pm to find that they were bringing out boxes of sample bags that were now $25 dollars instead of $50 bucks. I was used to maybe two or three boxes. Oh no! In about an hour I would say 5 came out. Lots were in need of repair but plenty of them were in perfect condition. Between my mom, cousin, co-worker, 3 friends and myself, we purchased about 20-25 bags no lie and the majority of them were from the sample bag box! Right place and right time!
    * Be careful everyone. Tis the season for credit card fraud so be mindful when shopping as I experienced it this week.*

    1. Hi harlem77,

      Thank you so much for your detailed insight! Sounds like your party made out like bandits! Hope you enjoy your new bags and good PSA on credit cards!

    2. We certainly did! Dare I say we were the "H" word that day sadly! Whatever we did not want, we put back on the table or we shared with the ladies that were around us who stayed close just in case we dropped or did not want a bag! lol. Just trying to figure out what day to go back :)

    3. Hi harlem77,

      Just so you know extra 20% markdowns started today.

    4. I know! :) Trying to figure out how I will get there today! Thx Miz!

  17. Miz,
    Have you heard of Mackage doing a sample sale before the end of the year?

    1. Hi Unknown,

      They usually do have one in November but so far I haven't heard anything. If I do, I will definitely let you know.

  18. any word on mackage sample sale this year?

    1. Hi Josephine,

      They usually do have one in November but so far I haven't heard anything. If I do, I will definitely let you know.

  19. SALE UPDATE (11/11): Starting today, La Perla is offering an extra 25% off while Rebecca Minkoff is offering an extra 20% off on all bags.

  20. Hi Miz,
    Heard from a friend that acne studios is having a sample sale tomorrow and the day after. Do you have the exact logistics ?

    1. Hi Jc,

      I don't have contact at Acne so I'm not sure if they're hosting a sale. Sorry I couldn't be of help.

  21. Hi, any more markdowns at the Rebecca Minkoff sale? Thanks!

  22. Don't think so BUT the real action is when they bring down the $25-$50 sample bags. I was there again on Wednesday and was literally stuck in one place and ducked when they dumped them on the table. Women were a lil... ummm.. intense when they came out!

  23. Bags were down to $75 for small, $85 for medium & $95 for large last night. Not sure what the last day discounts will be like though.

  24. Prices are higher at the Nest sample sale this year. Standard candles are $19 (and there's no discount for buying in bulk, like last year). The line to get in this morning was not bad, but the line to check out wrapped around the interior of the whole venue.

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thank you so very much for sharing your insight on the NEST sale!

  25. No markdowns at Theory plenty of merchandise no lines people walking out empty handed No try on merchandise on tables turtle necks, sweaters.

  26. SALE UPDATE (11/23): 2 for 1 deals + major reductions at the NEST and Vera Wang sample sales.


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