Nov 18, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Upcoming November Sales (Round 3)

This is the last push before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, ladies and gents! I hope you aren't too exhausted from all the sample sale shopping you've been doing because November shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. So, get your game face on and grab your wallet because another round of bargain hunting begins now. From an exclusive Montblanc shopping spree to a Gucci timepiece/jewelry sample sale, here is an extra helping of pre-Thanksgiving designer deals for you to enjoy. Happy Shopping!

Save up to 75% off on timepieces and jewelry.
Where: 123 W. 18th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.), 4th Floor
When: Friday, November 20th, 12pm~7pm
Saturday, November 21st, 9am~4pm

Save up to 70% off on writing instruments, timepieces, leather accessories, and jewelry. A BIG thanks to Laura!
Where: 260 Fifth Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th St.)
When: Monday, November 23rd through Tuesday, November 24th. 9am~7pm
UPDATE: Photos from inside: here

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker
According to Racked NY, the Sex and the City star's footwear brand will be having their very first sample sale. Prices haven't been revealed but make sure to bring loads of cash just in case because that's the only type of payment accepted at this sale.
Where: Hilton New York, 152 W. 26th St. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.), Conference Room 3
When: Friday, November 20th, Starts at 12pm

Tabitha Simmons
Save up to 85% off on women's shoes. The VIP portion starts at 8am on the 19th but, in the past, there was no name checking at the door. Read the full Mizhattan report from their last sale in 2014.
Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1445
When: Thursday, November 19th, 8am~12:30pm (VIP hours)
Thursday, November 19th, 12:30pm~7pm
Friday, November 20th, 9am~5pm

Wes Gordon
Save up to 90% off on womenswear.
Where: 80 Nassau St. (bet. Fulton & John St.), Suite 302
When: Wednesday, November 18th through Thursday, November 19th. 10am~6pm

{Image credit: Montblanc}


  1. Thank you for posting this information. I really want to go to Gucci and Mont Blanc, but not sure if those two sample sales are opened to public or "PRIVATE". Thank you !

  2. If anybody checks out the Wes Gordon sale please let us know how it is.
    Thanks !

  3. Ooooooh Montblanc!! Thanks Miz for posting!

  4. i though i was done!!!!!!!!

  5. if anyone is going to tabitha simmons sale pls inform on the selection and price!!
    thank you!

  6. Sad that the Gucci sale went from being 90% off to only 75%. You can find Gucci watches for 75% off during its online sale. Not worth the long wait.

  7. Thx for sharing, Miz! I have high hopes for Montblanc bc I want to get all my gift shopping done there. Do they have meisterstuck? Thx!

  8. Tabitha Simmons - same prices and similar selection as last year

  9. Any Intel on Gucci?

  10. I was at the Montblanc sale this morning--there was a great selection when I got in (at 9:45 after waiting for over an hour). I got a Meiserstuck ballpoint pen for 180 (retails for 695). They still had a fair amount of pens in the 200-300 range, and a couple very nice gold ones for 500 ish (original retail of over $1k). They were not sure if there would be restocking, so I recommend going quickly. I didn't look at watches, but they had some interesting cufflinks (starting price seemed to be 150 although I didn't look too carefully). They also had some wallets that were reasonable priced ($100 for a small wallet).

  11. Pricing for ball pens were better last year. Got one less than $200 and retail was over 1.4k

  12. Do you remember prices for the timepieces? And how was the selection?

  13. I didn't look at timepieces although they seemed to have at least 10 styles out with multiple boxes under each style (and most people were focused more on the pens and leather goods).


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