Dec 2, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Enchanted by Chantecaille

Maker of luxury skincare and modern makeup, Chantecaille opened its doors to sample sale shoppers in SoHo today. The NYC-based brand's renowned collection of beauty products are sold at upscale department stores and retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Barneys, and Net-A-Porter. The timing for this week's sale couldn't be more perfect for holiday shoppers. I, for one, couldn't resist the opportunity to snatch up the label's innovative beauty goods at a discount, so I headed to their corporate office this morning and was simply enchanted by their deals.

A small office space on the second floor of 588 Broadway was used as this week's Chantecaille sample sale venue. Inside, I found six tables set up with discounted products and the place was bustling with beauty bargain seekers.

In the makeup section, Chantecaille's animal-themed eye palettes were available in three different styles: Save the Bees, Save the Sharks, and The Wild Horse. Prices on these palettes were $40 and $45. Other cosmetic products included Hydra Chic lipsticks for $15, Poudre Haute Protection Naturelle for $55, The Starlight Gold Collection 2-piece set for $75, Les FĂȘtes Trio for $35, Pebble Compact with Cheek Shade for $15, Les Sorbets lip gloss palettes for $25, mascaras for $10, New Stick concealer/foundation for $20, and Delices de Roses lip gloss palettes for $25.

Markdowns on the company's skincare line was limited to only two items. Shoppers had a choice of Bio Lifting Serums for $80 and Bio Lifting Masks for $60. Both are fantastic for anti-aging.

Adjacent to the skincare table was another table for fragrances. Here I found scented candles for $30 and eau de parfums for $50 & $75 depending on the size.

This week's Chantecaille sample sale runs until Friday and is open from 10am to 6pm. I was told by an employee there will be restocking tomorrow with new products being introduced. Also, although credit cards are accepted, my MizAdvice is that you hit the ATM first as they do not charge tax if you pay in cash.

Price list:
Protection Naturelle
Light and Bronze full size with brush $55 (retail $72)
Light and Bronze refill powder only $25 (retail $33)

Les FĂȘtes Trio $35 (retail $74)
Olivia Palette $60 (retail $115)
The Wild Horses $45 (retail $83)
Save the Bees Palette $40 (retail $78)
Save the Sharks Palette $40 (retail $78)
The Classic Palette $45 (retail $45)

Le Stylo--liquid eyeliner pen brown $10 (retail $26)
Eye Define Palette $40 (retail $85)
Pebble Compact with Jasper Eye Shade $15 (retail $37)
Pencils $10 (retail $22)
Gel eye liner $20 (retail $33)
La Baleine Compact $45 (retail $98)
Eye Shades refills $10 (retail $26) 

Mascara Noir $10 (retail $34)
Mascara Brun $10 (retail $34)

New Stick
All colors $20 (retail $45)

Hydra Chic Lipstick--Water Lily $15 (retail $35)
Delices de Roses--gloss palette $25 (retail $60)
Les Sorbets--gloss palette $25 (retail $60)

Pebble Compact with Mood Shade $15 (retail $36)
Pebble Compact with Wind Shade $15 (retail $36)
Cheek shade refills $10 (retail $26)

Le Jasmine eau de parfum 50ml $50 (retail $85)
Le Jasmine eau de parfum 100ml $75 (retail $135)
Le Jasmine body lotion $20 (retail $65)
Wisteria eau de parfum 50ml $35 (retail $58)
Wisteria eau de parfum 100ml $55 (retail $95)

Frangipane $30 (retail $75)
Tiare $30 (retail $75)

Starlight Gold Collection
Gold Eye Shadow and Powder $75 (retail $155)

Bio Lifting
Bio Lifting Mask $60 (retail $150)
Bio Lifting Serum $80 (retail $210)


  1. Hi Miz, I wanted to go today but didn't get a chance! Was the sale really busy and also, do you think they will restock. I am thinking about going Friday! Best- A

    1. Hi A,

      As I wrote in the article, they will be restocking certain items and also bringing in new products tomorrow (12/3). The sale space is very small and when I was there, I saw maybe 15 people shopping. If your schedule allows, I would strongly suggest going tomorrow as you'll find a larger assortment of goods. Hope you find everything you're looking for!

  2. The pebble compacts are so cute and I love the designs imprinted on the makeup. But I'm past the days of buying things just because they're cute. I never end up using them. Except for those Clinique daisy blushes. Those are great.

    1. Hi Vintage Snarker,

      Couldn't agree more that the reliefs on each palette are cute. They are quite intricate and lovely to look at. So lovely in fact sometimes you feel bad using it.

  3. Any word if there are discounts at Chantecaille yet?

  4. I was there 3ish today. The items I was interested in were sold out - serum and eyeliner. I picked up a couple of the single eyeshadows. My understanding is that the cases for the refillable eyeshadow was running low, and the refillable eyeshadows didn't have great colors. Didn't hear about any discounts or restocking - but I didn't ask except as regards the serum and eyeliner.

  5. The staff there promised to email me with a list of new things they were putting out but they never did. Bad form. It wasnt like I asked or insisted. They had offered.

    1. I received an updated list of products they were adding for 12/3 (went on the first day). It's plausible that they wouldn't have more to add to stock since it's a short sale.(?)


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