Dec 16, 2015

*SAMPLE SALE* Saving Off the Beard

The savvy fashionista's go-to brand for cool girl style, Veronica Beard, is holding the label's December sample sale this week. The 2-day bargain spree officially kicks off tomorrow but the company welcomed press and F&F to an early preview today. I stopped by briefly this afternoon and checked out the offerings. Here's what you'll find when you save off the Beard.

The Veronica Beard sample sale at their corporate office in the Flatiron District was action-packed with bargain shoppers when I swung by. A small area inside their third floor office was dedicated to the event and I found nine racks and a single table of the brand's current and past seasons' merchandise on sale.

Starting with prices, production items were marked down to $125 for tops, $75 for dickeys (available in hoodies, stripes, merino wool, and more), $195 for dresses/jumpsuits, $295 for blazers/jackets, $150 for bottoms, and $550 for outerwear. Some of the highlights included Captain double-breasted jackets (very Balmain!), Kahn houndstooth jackets, Hawthorn combo blouse, Anchor combo tops, and the label's signature classic blazers. Sizes for stock items were available in XS/0 to L/10.

As for sample pieces, there were three racks consisting of dresses, jackets, jeans, sweaters, blouses, skirts, and coats. Excluding outerwear, all samples were priced $110 and under. You can find the full price list at the end of this article.

For fans of Veronica Beard--especially if you're in the market for stylish, office-appropriate blazers for the new year--this week's sample sale is definitely worth checking out. The sale opens at 9am and runs through Friday, December 18th. It's also worth noting, inventory will be continually restocked throughout the sale.

Price list:
Tops $125
Dickeys $75
Dresses $195
Jumpsuits $195
Blazers/Jackets $295
Bottoms $150
Outerwear/Leather $550

Tops $70
Bottoms $80
Outerwear $225
Dresses/Jumpsuits $110
Jackets $160
Leather $150


  1. Are there price reductions on a last day? Thank you!

    1. I was there this morning and saw no price reductions.

  2. Is it worth going this afternoon??


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