Feb 23, 2016


A lot has happened to DKNY since I last attended one of their sample sales. Donna Karan, the founder of Donna Karan International, abruptly left the company after 31 years at the helm. As a result, the brand (now in the sole hands of LVMH) has been going through big changes including hiring new designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School fame and revamping the label. As it is the norm for any big fashion house, cleaning up usually means clearing out and they did just that by hosting a sample sale that kicked off this morning.

I got an early glimpse at this week's DKNY sample sale at Clothingline just before the doors opened to the public. The staff was busy getting ready for the big opening and they were filling up and organizing racks. Before I started my full inspection of the merchandise, I did a quick scan of the pricing and was pleasantly surprised by the markdowns. The list included t-shirts for $20, embellished blouses for $40, sweaters for $30, dresses for $60, evening frocks for $70, skirts for $25, pants for $40, coats for $70, leather jackets for $125, and shearlings for $250. All in all, I would say these were excellent deals.

As far as selections go, I spotted understated office staples to glittery cocktail dresses and everything in between. To mention a couple of examples, I saw this cute black ruffled mini skirt (priced $25) and this tiered bottom dress (priced $60) at the sale today. FYI, they are currently selling on Net-A-Porter at full retail. Other notable merchandise worth mentioning are the boyfriend-fit one button coats, leopard-print shirt dresses, collar-embellished blouses, and gold pleated skirts. Sizes were available from P(0) through XL(14).

Knitwear items plus a small selection of t-shirt dresses were displayed separately near the entrance of the venue (1st & 2nd photos below). There were turtlenecks, oversized styles, stripes, sequins, classic crewnecks, and more. T-shirt dresses were marked down to just $20 while sweaters were priced $30.

The most surprising part of today's sale, besides the spectacular prices, was the fact that there were items from Donna Karan's main collection. Though the selection was limited to just four racks, the designer's remarkable pieces were priced unbelievably low. Floor-length evening gowns, classic black pencil skirts, draped-front tops, sleeveless dresses, and open-front cardigans were all marked down to $150 and under. Woohoo!

As much as I enjoyed browsing today's DKNY sample sale, there was one disappointing detail which was that there were no accessories or men's merchandise present. You should also know that all of the inventory is from the Donna Karan era which means you'll find no items designed by Chow and Osborne. However, to end on a bright note, restocking is expected throughout the sale so that's good news for those who decide to drop by later on.

Price list:
T-shirts $20
Tops $30
Sweaters $30
Sequin & beaded blouses $40
Dresses $60
Sequin & beaded dresses $70
Pants $40
Skirts $25
Leather skirts $100
Blazers $60
Outerwear $70
Leather jackets $125
Shearling $250

Donna Karan
Blouses/Tops/Sweaters $50
Dresses $100
Evening dresses $125
Pants/Skirts $60
Leather skirts $125
Jackets $100
Outerwear $100
Leather jackets $150


  1. Even though there was nothing for men's, this was really fun to read. I see a lot of really lovely pieces in here!

    1. Hi Michael,

      As always, thank you so much for your kind words! It's really sad they didn't have any menswear because the price points were excellent. Thank you for reading!!

    2. Agreed but I still love reading them! Keep them coming!

  2. Hey Mizz, 7th pic from the bottom, thatlovely gold pleated skirt, do you recall if that's $25...if so I'm running over! Cute. Let us know.

    1. Yes, I believe they were $25. The reason I say believe is because the items weren't individually marked so you had to go to the register to know for sure. But, I definitely know the skirts weren't made of leather so that would put it in the $25 bracket...which is a steal!

    2. Thanks Miz, I jetted over but was disappointed in the quality. I would have hoped it had a lining. Either way , always appreciate your reviews. Have a great week!

    3. Sorry to hear the skirt wasn't to your liking. Thank you for reading!

  3. Just got an email that its 50% off. Is that 50% off of the opening day prices??

    1. Yes, it's an additional 50% off from the opening day price list seen above in the article.

  4. SALE UPDATE (2/25): Further reductions taken at the DKNY sample sale. Everything is now an extra 50% off.

  5. Went over there after I saw your review to pick up the cute black skirt that I was eyeing at net-a-porter. Thank you so much as always for keeping us informed. Waiting for your diptyque review. I might miss this year just because of the craziness.

    1. It's my pleasure! Enjoy your new skirt and thank you for reading!!

  6. Amazing!!! Bought off white midi dress for 50.00 (retail 2500) silk and lace shirt (for dressy jeans and heels) and blue lace skirt (will dress down with denim and boots) about 3000k of merchandise in total for only 78 dollars!!! Not much stock, not many options, but oh so pleased!!!

    1. Hi Shopper,

      What an awesome haul! Thank you for sharing!

  7. has anyone been there today? Is it still worth going?

  8. I went today at 2:30 Not a lot left but the prices are ridiculous!


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