Feb 23, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Not so Radarte

The folks at Rodarte have a tendency to keep things a bit mysterious when it comes to their sample sales. Not revealing crucial details, like location and hours, until the very last minute has become the norm and this week's sale is no different. For those who rsvp'd to tomorrow's 1-day only public portion, the good news is the event is a mystery no more as I have the full details on Rodarte's winter sample sale. Bad news, however, is that you will find the sale a disappointment as it is not so Rad-arte.

The Rodarte sample sale opens to the public tomorrow but the event already got underway a day early for the brand's friends and family. Located on the 10th Floor of 151 W. 26th Street, the sale space was super quiet when I dropped by.

The discounted inventory was comprised of four racks of prêt-à-porter, two racks of runway gowns, a single center table full of knitwear, eight cardboard boxes full of hoodies and tees, and one long table of shoes. The assortment of ready-to-wear hanging on the racks covered all four seasons. There were lightweight dresses and sequin-embellished sleeveless tops to checkered jackets and heavy fur-trimmed coats. In addition, there were lacy blouses, leather styles, and a couple of washes of denim. Sizes for RTW covered small, medium, and large.

As for prices, be prepared for sticker shock as markdowns were not very generous even after considering the label's retail value. Each item was individually tagged and prices on separates ranged from $250 to $900 while gowns went for $1,000 on the low end and soared to $11,000 on the high. Oh, and get this. With such steep prices, one should expect top notch quality, right? Guess again. I spotted a few pieces that had missing buttons and showed signs of wear.

The most budget-friendly options you will find tomorrow are the t-shirts and hoodies placed inside boxes near the entrance. But don't expect bargains. Tank tops were $45, t-shirts were $60, sweatshirts were $80, hoodies were $90, and collaboration/special t-shirts were $45.

The footwear selection was another disappointment. The 20 or so shoes included snakeskin loafers, python booties, peep-toe boots, cutout wedge sandals, ankle-strap sandals, and lace-up boots. Prices were between $350 and $1,000.

With rain expected to pour all day tomorrow, I highly doubt there will be a line when the sale opens to the public. If you've been wondering whether to brave the weather to honor your rsvp, do yourself a favor and skip this sale. The selection and prices just aren't worth it.


  1. Looks like the same stuff from their last sale.

  2. Too too nasty outside. Going to pass on this one thanks to your post Miz


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