Feb 8, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* The Ports Authority

Upscale Canadian label Ports 1961 is best known to bargain hunters for having wallet-friendly deals when they host sample sales at their West Chelsea corporate office. For 2016, however, the brand decided to move their usual crowd-pleasing event over to Clothingline. I happened to be in the neighborhood so I swung by the Midtown sale venue briefly this morning to see how the Ports 1961 sample sale was going. With markdowns reaching up to 90% off, I found the event offered a wide assortment of womenswear perfect for spring. So, click past the break and become an authority on the Ports 1961 sale.

The sale space was primed and ready for bargain shoppers when I dropped by this morning. Breezy, spring-appropriate women's apparel (dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear) filled the venue and a small crowd was perusing the multiple racks of RTW that lined the perimeter of the walls.

As advertised, markdowns were up to 90% off. The price list was straightforward and it consisted of $109 shirts, $139 knits, $99 pants, $119 skirts, $199 dresses, $499 gowns, $169 jackets, and $399 coats.

Moving on, here are a few insights worth mentioning. First, the inventory didn't include any of the company's menswear. In addition, as I wrote earlier, the women's offerings that were available focused more towards warm weather styles than wintry layerings (think: printed silk blouses, sleeveless frocks, lightweight jackets, pastel mini skirts, and more). Also, after digging through the goods, I noticed sizes were more readily available in larger fits (40 and up) than smaller ones. If you're unsure if something will fit correctly, the good news is there was a curtained-off changing area set up for shoppers.

As for accessories, they were displayed behind the checkout counter so you'll need to ask for assistance to take a closer look. The selection consisted of small leather goods and clutches marked down to $99 and under.

The Ports 1961 sale runs through this Wednesday. If you're on the fence about braving the snowy cold weather that is expected throughout most of this week, I hope this article will help you decide if it's worth your while. Happy Shopping!

Price list:
Shirts $109
Knits $139
Pants $99
Skirts $119
Dresses $199
Gowns $499
Jackets $169
Coats $399


  1. Ports never fails to impress, I love this line. Thanks for the intel.

  2. SALE UPDATE (2/10): Further reductions have been taken. Today is the last day of the sale. Take an extra 30% off on everything.


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