Mar 29, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Bauble Your Pleasure, Bauble Your Fun

Jewelry lovers are in for a real treat this week. That's because there are two must-attend bijoux sample sales happening in the city. At one end of the spectrum is budget-friendly online retailer BaubleBar, while at the other end is esteemed American luxury jeweler David Yurman. And to start off with the economical option, BaubleBar's bargain blowout kicks off today in Midtown for shoppers looking to adorn themselves with stylish jewelry that doesn't break the bank. I swung by the sale's F&F preview yesterday evening to see what was being offered. So, let's see how you can bauble your pleasure, bauble your fun!

Want to up your spring style game? This week's BaubleBar sample sale is here to help you look great and save big. The brand's trendy designs at affordable prices were even more wallet-friendly at this event and their gems and sparkles gleamed up the entire venue.

To delve into details, earrings and rings were priced between $5 and $20 while bracelets and necklaces were $5 to $30. Some of the items I spotted were the Constellation ear crawlers, Milo ear crawlersAngel studs, Mariposa earrings, Howlite earrings, pavé link bracelets, Ion cuffs, Neptune cuffs, Dandy bracelets, crystal Mason rings, and Gemini pearl rings.

There was also a long table next to the checkout counter that displayed playful products and novelty gift sets. The selection included Jeff Koons-inspired money banks, metal headbands, initial bar pendant necklaces, 12 Days of Charms gift sets, phone cases, and more.

As amazing as the prices were at this sample sale, there is one thing to note. The selection was noticeably less when compared to the brand's previous sales, so don't expect the same wide assortment if you decide to stop by.


  1. Is this a cash only sale?

  2. no they take CC I snuck in to the preview yesterday and they said they have tons of product just doling it out as needed so def worth going more than once.. AND this is a sale that does not discount later in the sale so go while you can. :)

  3. Per 260's Instagram page, they took $5 off of their prices..

  4. SALE UPDATE (4/1): Further reductions taken effect. Earrings and rings are now $5 & $10, bracelets are $5~$25, and necklaces are $5~$20.

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Tanya,

      Yes, the sale is over. It ended on Saturday.


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