Mar 8, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Here Comes the Fur-enzy!

This week's unseasonably warm weather may have you hurriedly embracing spring but make no bones about it as the calendar still shows we're in winter. And that's a good thing because Gilles Mendel, the doyen of fur fashion, is offering up to 70% off on his exquisite designs at the J. Mendel sample sale which gets underway tomorrow morning in the Garment District. Last night, the organizers of J. Mendel's March bargain bash gave me a tour of the discounted merchandise and I found the space radiated an air of calm before the impending fur-enzy.

From Park Avenue princesses to Bergdorf moms, J. Mendel's upscale furs and formal wear cater to women with a posh taste in fashion. During last night's preview, I came across an enormous assortment of the brand's RTW and fur outerwear as well as a small selection of handbags and accessories.

In the apparel section, there were eight racks of floor-sweeping evening gowns, sixteen racks of RTW, and twenty racks of fur. All of the inventory was organized by category and arranged in a color-coordinated fashion.

As for prices, each item was individually marked. Gilles Mendel's red carpet-worthy gowns--resplendent in sequins, satins, laces, beads, and other decorative styles--ranged between $600 and $3,000.

The RTW section consisted of dresses, jackets, tops, bottoms, coats, and vests. To delve into details, the chevron print dresses in the 10th photo below were $998 (originally $3,990), the sleeveless lace frocks in the 11th photo below were $700 (originally $2,800), the beaded cocktail dresses in the 12th photo below were $1,475 (originally $5,000), the animal print double breasted coat in the 13th photo below were $900 (originally $3,900), the shearling vests in the 15th photo below were $1,470 (originally $4,900), and the pleated silk chiffon skirts in the 16th photo below were $748 (originally $2,000). For bargain hunters itching for better markdowns, I'm told sample racks will be put out on the last day of the sale which is this Friday.

The fur outerwear section is clearly the scene stealer of this sale. There were enough minks, sables, chinchillas, and ermines to take your fur fashion to a level beyond compare come next winter. In terms of pricing, the bright coral fox and raccoon coat in the photo above was $1,900 (originally $9,900), the pastel blue mink coat in the 1st photo below was $10,200 (originally $34,000), the sable-collared ermine coat in the 5th photo below was $21,000 (originally $60,000), the sable-collared coat in the 6th photo below was $5,100 (originally $17,000), the lynx-collared ermine coat in the 7th photo below was $49,000 (originally $140,000), the lynx coat in the 8th photo below was $9,000 (originally $30,000), and the camel-colored lamb coat in the 9th photo below was $7,350 (originally $24,500).

Accessories were set up on several tables near the checkout registers. Manolo Blahnik shoes, which are regular guests at J. Mendel sample sales, were marked down to $200, $250, $300, and $350. Sizes were available from 38 & up and most pairs showed signs of wear. Also, in addition to discounted Manolos, there were bags, bracelets, and fur accessories available. Prices on handbags were roughly $345~$8,850 while bracelets were $50~$190.

It was pretty apparent from yesterday's preview that this sale carries a much better and more improved selection compared to past events. However, prices were a bit higher this time so unless you're looking to invest in premier quality furs or searching for that perfect wedding guest attire to wear this nuptial season, don't expect to only spend your pocket money and leave with something nice. The sale is located on the 13th floor of 463 Seventh Ave and walk-ins are only welcome on Thursday and Friday but appointment reservations are still open for Wednesday.


  1. Hi-whats the price of the sherling items? like the blue shearling vest?

  2. Any wedding dresses?

    1. I didn't see bridal dresses at the preview but there were several styles of full-length gowns in ivory hues.


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