Mar 15, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Prints Charming

Michelle Smith's flirty fashion line, Milly, is back for the spring sample sale season. Hosted once again at Clothingline, the Midtown sale venue was filled with the brand's vibrant and colorful designs. With floral and graphic prints everywhere, it was a talk-of-the-town event for those seeking a prints charming.

From prom-perfect gowns to festive wedding guest attires to adorable outfits for your mini fashionistas, this week's Milly sample sale had something for every formal occasion. Sounds amazing, right? But there is a big catch. After browsing endless racks of ready-to-wear, I was disappointed to see roughly 80% off the goods in the womenswear section to be in sample sizes (4 and below). Also, in addition to limited sizes, prices have gone up from their last sale. Tops are now $49, sweaters are $69, shorts are $59, pants are $69, skirts are $69, and dresses are $99, and evening gowns are $249. This is a $10~$20 jump compared to last year.

Accessories (bags, hats, gloves, belts) and swimsuits were situated on the right. Handbags were $49 while hats, scarves, gloves, and belts were $29. Swimsuits were $19 for separates and $29 for one-pieces.

Items from Milly's children's line, Milly Minis, were organized on three racks in front of the venue. Offerings here were also limited in sizes with only 4 & 10 available. All tops were $29, bottoms were $29, dresses were $49, and jackets & coats were $79. Milly Minis swimwear pieces were displayed separately inside plastic bins and placed in the accessories section. Girls' swimsuits were priced $15 and $19.

So, the bottom line is that this week's Milly sample sale may not be worth checking out if you wear bigger than size 4. In case you do wear small sizes, markdowns were still reasonable even after the price jump, so take advantage of the sale before it ends this Friday. Just be sure to look for damages as there were items in less than perfect condition.

Price list:
Bra tops/Tops $49
Sweaters $69
Sweaters with fur $89
Shorts $59
Skirts $69
Ball skirts $129
Pants $69
Cover-ups $49
Dresses $99
Special occasion dresses $249
Jackets/Vests $129
Coats/Faux fur $179
Leather $199
Swimwear one-pieces $29
Swimwear separates $19

Hats/Scarves/Gloves/Belts $29
Handbags $49

Milly Minis
Tops/Sweaters $29
Skirts/Shorts/Pants $29
Cover-ups $29
Dresses $49
Jackets/Coats $79
Swimwear one-pieces $19
Swimwear separates $15


  1. Do you think there will be additional markdowns?

    1. Hi Katie,

      There should be additional markdowns on the final day. I will make sure to keep everyone updated.

  2. SALE UPDATE (3/17): Further reductions taken today. Here's the new price list:

  3. Are there further reductions today?


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