Mar 22, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Ready to Rock 'n' Roll?!

Did you hear?! There is a multi-brand sample sale taking place at Chelsea Market this week. Headlining the event are young, hip, contemporary labels Zadig & Voltaire, Superfine, Ali & Jay, and Bailey 44. The sale host of this week's sample sale invited me over to take an early glimpse, so I stopped by to preview the offerings. So, is everyone ready? Let's rock 'n' roll!

When I swung by earlier this afternoon, the staff was in the midst of unloading boxes. But despite the fact that the sale was only in the early stages of setting up, I had a good feeling about this sale.

Since items from Zadig & Voltaire were the first to be laid out, I spent a majority of my time browsing in this area. Several racks of women's and men's apparel stood next to each other and I spotted a nice variety of the label's signature Parisian rock 'n' roll aesthetics. Prices on womenswear started at $35 for t-shirts and hit the max at $299 for leathers and furs. For men, the prices ranged from $35 for t-shirts to $149 for outerwear.

Zadig & Voltaire's accessories were also ready to rock the beat. I saw shoes, handbags, jewelry, small leather goods, and scarves getting ready for tomorrow's opening. In terms of pricing, you'll find shoes marked down to $139 & $229, bags priced $69~$159, pouches and small leather goods priced $29 & $59, scarves priced $59, watches priced $129, and jewelry priced $29. You can find the full Z&V price list at the end of this article.

As I mentioned earlier, I unfortunately stopped by too early for all of the merchandise to be primed and ready for shoppers. Therefore, I apologize for not being able to get much details on the other brands. But, according to the staff, shoppers should expect plenty of inventory from the current seasonal line of Bailey 44, Superfine, and Ali & Jay. Prices weren't ready but I did photograph of some of the sale merchandise from these brands for you to look through (photos 17 through 21 below). The sale opens tomorrow at 10am and runs through Sunday.

Price list:
Zadig & Voltaire
Camisoles $49
Shorts and skirts $59
T-shirts and tank tops $35
Tops and shirts $69
Jeans and pants $59
Jackets and parkas $149
Dresses $129
Leather and fur $299
Knits $99

Jackets $149
Jeans and pants $79
Shirts $59
Shorts $49
T-shirts $35
Sweaters $99

Suspenders $29
Small leather goods/Mini wallets $29
Pouches $59
Foldover clutches $129
Canvas totes $69
Small bags $69
Bags $129 & $159
Sneakers/Sandals/Loafers/Flats $139
Boots $229
Belts $59
Scarves $59
Hats $39
Gloves $29
Watches $129
Jewelry $29

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