Apr 27, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Lang of Plenty

Helmut Lang sample sales come around more often than they should, but there's something about the label's discount events that pull bargain hunters right in every time. It might be because this perennially relevant brand is known for minimal and modern aesthetics which provide that important base for building timeless outfits. So, when I received word that HL would be hosting a sample sale that's much different from their previous events, I had to sate my curiosity with a sneak peek. And what I found when I got to the venue was that it was the Lang of Plenty.

What makes this week's Helmut Lang sample sale so special? As advertised by the sale host, the appeal of this event isn't the abundant inventory from the company's recent collection, but rather the extensive archival pieces from the last five years. For shoppers, it's the rare chance not only to discount grab items currently found at HL boutiques, but to also snag pieces from the brand's distant catalogue that can't be found elsewhere.

When I dropped by yesterday for the preview, the space was nearly ready to go for opening. I quickly noticed the event was definitely geared towards the ladies as most of the racks were packed full of womenswear. There was a wide assortment of wearable wardrobe staples like belted trench coats, leather biker jackets, tailored office blazers, denim jackets, cashmere sweaters, and oversized cotton shirts. I also saw these open-back sweaters at the sale which are currently full price on Net-A-Porter.

The price list for apparel included cashmere sweaters for $159, dresses for $119 & $199, jackets for $199 & $349, pants for $89 & $129, skirts for $89 & $139, knits for $49~$139, and blouses for $89 & $129. The full breakdown is at the end of this article.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the plentiful ready-to-wear, accessories were sorely lacking. Shoes (sandals, pumps, and booties) were marked down to $159 & $189 while scarves were $69, bras were $49, clutches were $119, and backpacks were $249.

The menswear section, located on the right side, had fifteen racks of clothing. There were blazers, tees, jeans, shirts, sweaters, and other minimal separates.

Compared to Clothingline's HL sample sale this past February, prices are definitely higher here. But keep in mind, this week's Chelsea Market event carries more current season items as well as the special archive collection. In addition, during my look around, I found every single piece to be new, untouched, and out of the boxes individually wrapped in plastic.

Price list:
Cashmere $159
Denim jackets $129
Dresses $119 & $199
Jackets $199 & $349
Leather jackets $499 & $699
Jumpsuits $199
Leather pants $329
Pants $89 & $129
Skirts $89 & $139
Sweaters $89 & $139
Knits $49 & $69
Blouses $89 & $129

Scarf $69
Shoes $159 & $189
Bags $119
Backpacks $249
Bras $49


  1. Thanks Miz
    I feel like you get similar prices at department store sales and in a much more pleasant shopping experience.

    1. Thank you for reading! The allure of this sale is the archive collection which can't be found at department stores.

  2. Hi miz did you hear anything about mcm sample sale

    1. Hi Flawless Trisha,

      No, but I will let you know if I hear anything.

  3. SALE UPDATE (4/30): Further reductions have been taken starting today. Enjoy an additional 20% off.


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