Apr 18, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Reiss' Pieces

Have you ever wanted to dress up like British royalty? Well, fortunately for you, the Duchess of Cambridge's two favorite fashion brands--Reiss and L.K.Bennett--are hosting sample sales in the city this week. Reiss' first-ever NYC sample sale kicks off tomorrow while L.K.Bennett's bi-annual shopping event is set to return this Wednesday. So, to help you navigate your way through some proper British bargain shopping, I headed to the Reiss sample sale preview earlier tonight and took a look at some Reiss' pieces.

London-based high street fashion label Reiss has won a loyal fanbase in the US thanks to their quality craftsmanship and easy-to-wear aesthetics. Although the brand often offers sizeable discounts at department stores and their standalone boutiques, it's the first time the UK label is opening its doors to the stylish and savvy sample sale shoppers of New York City. With reasonable markdowns and considerable selection of merchandise, this week's Reiss sale is great for those who fancy Kate Middleton's understated style.

Starting with womenswear, the aisles were organized by category and was comprised of twelves racks of dresses, six racks of jackets, three double-level racks of tops, three double-level racks of bottoms, and two racks of full-length gowns. The inventory was overflowing with tailored office staples, feminine date night frocks, and casual basics. As for prices, tees were $35, skirts were $45~$135, shorts were $75, dresses were $55~$180, denims were $45, trousers were $55 & $75, outerwear was $90, and leather items were $245.

The sale also offered accessories in the form of shoes, handbags, belts, scarves, swimsuits, and jewelry. In the women's shoe section, I spotted various styles of pumps, sandals, booties, tall boots, and flats. Shoes were marked down to $85 while boots were $170. Sizes ranged from 36 to 41. In the handbag section, there were totes, backpacks, clutches, and evening bags. Small bags were marked down to $75 while large sizes were discounted to $135.

The menswear section was also organized by category and was set up on the left side of the venue. There were three racks of pants, four double-level racks of tops (shirts, polos, tees, and sweatshirts), one rack of vests, three racks of suits, three racks of blazers, and one rack of casual jackets. As far as prices go, shoppers can find formal button-down shirts for $45, tees for $15, trousers for $45, jeans for $55, suits for $295, and outerwear for $130~$335. In addition, men's accessories were also on hand and included socks for $15, belts for $25, ties for $25, and shoes (loafers, sneakers, oxfords) for $95.

Last but not least, there were two small racks of true samples situated in the back near the changing area. Prices weren't as straightforward as the overstock production pieces as each item needed to be scanned at the cash register to know the price--an inconvenience, to say the least. But thanks to a very friendly staff member, I was able to take a peek at the price list and found sample items tagged between $5(!) to $470.

With Vivienne Westwood kicking off her spring sample sale on Thursday, this week will be particularly busy for bargain-minded Anglophiles. If you plan on checking out this Reiss sale, be sure to look over the photo gallery and full price list below. This event gets underway tomorrow at 9am sharp.

Price list:
Cottons $20
Casual tops $35
Lightweight jackets $40
Casual skirts $45
Denim $45
Trousers $55
Casual dresses $55
Tailored skirts $70
Shorts $75
Tailored trousers $75
Outerwear $90
Detailed tops $95
Evening dresses $95
Tailored jackets $95
Jumpsuits $125
Detailed skirts $135
Premium dresses $180
Leather $245

Women's accessories
Swimwear $20
Sundries $20
Belts $25
Scarves $30
Small bags $75
Large bags $135
Shoes $85
Boots $170

Cottons $30
T-shirts $15
Shirts $45
Trousers $45
Jeans $55
Shorts $65
Casual jackets $130
Sport coats $160
Suits $295
Leather jackets $335

Men's accessories
Socks $15
Belts $25
Ties $25
Shoes $95


  1. Looks like I will have to make a quick trip! Thanks Miz!

    1. Hi Michael,

      Yes! Definitely better deals on men's than women's. If I hear of price reductions, I'll let you know!

  2. any price reductions yet? went yesterday prices were too high

    1. No word as of yet. Will let you know if they do.

  3. Additional 15% off current sale prices.


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