May 6, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Canada Goose

It might not be apparent from this week's unseasonable weather but winter is definitely over and done with. But, for the first time ever, über-popular outerwear brand Canada Goose will be hosting a sample sale at their corporate office inside Starrett-Lehigh that might have you yearning for Old Man Winter's cold bite. Held for 1-day only next week, the sale will feature items for women, men, and kids at wholesale prices. Sounds incredible, right? But there's a catch. The sample sale is advertised as a Starrett-Lehigh tenant-only event. Therefore, you will either need to know someone who works there or take your chances sneaking into the building. Looking back at my past experiences, I have seen non-tenants easily sneak into so-called private sample sales hosted at Starrett-Lehigh but, since the label has such a massive fanbase, I'm not sure how this sale will pan out if its britzkrieg'd by hungry bargain hunters. So, keep that in mind and I bid you good luck.

Where: 601 W. 26th St. (bet. 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 1740

When: Monday, May 9th. 10:30am~4pm

{Image credit: Neiman Marcus}


  1. Any general strategy for getting in? I assume even getting through the lobby requires an rfid card


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