May 9, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Hats off to Minkoff

Another busy week of sample sale shopping is here, and this particular week starts off with Minkoff. The contemporary fashion label's bi-annual bargain blowout is renown for attracting a large bustling young crowd and today's opening was no different. With the venue swarming with Minkoff fans and deal seekers, my Monday morning felt more like a late Friday night.

It's been quite a while since I last attended a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, so I had forgotten how it felt like to be a part of all the commotion. After the initial daze, I tried refocusing my attention and made my way through the aisles. The sale, as it has always proven to be, was a war zone.

Handbags, needless to say, were the main attraction. With prices ranging from $25 to $405, there was a diverse assortment of styles and the supply was plentiful. Amongst the tables, Quilted Mini Affairs were $125, Mini Love crossbodies were $125, Heart fringe crossbodies were $125, Micro Moto satchels were $135, Mini Perry satchels were $185, India zip satchels were $165, Moto satchel totes were $165, Love Jumbos were $185, MAB totes were $165, Fringe Julian backpacks were $185, Love backpacks were $215, Isobel hobos were $165, Regan crossbodies were $125, Mini 5 Zips were $125, and Mini MACs were $125. Sample bags were also available for true bargain hunters and they were set up on the right side near the checkout counters. Sample bags were $75 and there was a 5 bag limit per person.

Shoes were in limited stock but offered incredible discounts. Sandals, flats, and sneakers were $50 while heels and boots were $100.

In the front of the venue, there were seven racks of Rebecca Minkoff's apparel. Tops were $25 & $75, bottoms were $75~$100, dresses were $150, and outerwear was $125 & $200.

The sale was off to a busy start this morning and will most likely stay that way throughout the week. If you plan on checking it out, get a better feel of the sale and pricing by looking through the photos and the full price list below.

Price list:
Handbags $25~$405
Small leather goods $25~$215

Sandals $50
Flats $50
Sneakers $50
Heels $100
Boots $100

T-shirts $25
Tops $75
Shorts/Skirts $100
Pants $125
Jeans $75
Jackets $125
Leathers $200
Dresses $150

Sportsbras $25
Tank tops/Tees $30
Leggings $40
Shorts $30
Jackets $100

Ben/Uri Minkoff
SLGs $25
Toiletry accessories $55
Medium nylon bags $100
Medium leather bags $150
Large nylon bags $200
Large leather bags $250
Sneakers $50
Dress shoes $75
Boots $100


  1. Were people behaving? The staff there says that from their point of view it is the worst sale due to the rudeness of shoppers.

    1. People weren't behaving badly. It was just a very chaotic scene inside because of the large crowds.

  2. Thanks Miz. Is there a 5 bag minimum and how much are the sample bags that were on the tables by the stairs?

    1. Reading is fundamental! I see they were $75 and there is a $5 bag minimum which I understand. At the last sale, the bags were $25 and it was INSANE!

    2. Hi harlem77,

      If (and it's a big "if") there are any sample bags left towards the end of the sale, I'm sure they will be discounted further.

    3. wait minimum or maximum?

    4. The purchase limit is 5 bags max.

  3. Their online sample sale seems to be better priced:

  4. Per @260samplesale on Twitter, prices have been reduced at the Minkoff sale.

    1. Hi harlem77,

      Beat me to it :)

    2. Hi Miz,
      Only because I was on twitter at the time they tweeted it. You will always be DA Real MVP!:)

    3. That's so nice of you to say. Thank you~

  5. SALE UPDATE (5/11): Further reductions taken on apparel, micro minis, and large totes.

  6. How much were the Lola backpacks?


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