May 17, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Paulish Up

Quintessentially British label Paul Smith is bringing back their NYC sample sale this afternoon to paulish up and refine the style of the dapper gentlemen in your life. This morning, the brand hosted a preview for F&F (the public portion begins at 3pm today), and I stopped by to take a gander at Britain's finest. Here's what I found inside.

There was a small line of shoppers (mostly nicely dressed gentlemen) when I arrived at the SoHo venue. After a mandatory coat check, I stepped inside to find the space brimming with the British brand's discounted offerings. Menswear, accessories, and a limited selection of womenswear were organized neatly on the main floor while the lower level held shoes and home products.

The main floor was mostly devoted to men's apparel. There were two aisles of tastefully-tailored suits (size 36~46) and two more for blazers (size 36~46). On the right side, a whole wall was dedicated to button-down shirts, outerwear (long winter coats, puffers, leather jackets, and shearlings), polos, and tees. And finally, towards the back was two long racks of chinos and dress pants. Prices on men's offerings didn't change at all when compared to their last sale. Suits were $450, outerwear was $265, trousers were $90, tees were $25, and vests were $60.

For womenswear, it was slim pickings. Inventory consisted of only nine racks of ready-to-wear. With prices ranging from $25 to $450, the meager selection included suits, outerwear, dresses, tops, bottoms, vests, and knits.

Accessories were placed in plastic bins situated in the back of the main floor. There were fourteen containers in total, and I found leather belts for $50, gloves for $35, hats for $35, underwear for $25, ties for $30, and socks for $12. Additional accessories such as wallets, phone cases, credit card holders, and jewelry were available next to the registers.

Downstairs, Paul Smith branded shoes and home products were set up. Prices on shoes varied by style: dress shoes and boots were $125 while sneakers, sandals, and espadrilles were $70. As for home goods, each item had a sticker which corresponded to a price: $10, $20, $50, $75, $100.

The Paul Smith sample sales have always offered impressive markdowns, and thankfully, this week's sale will not disappoint bargain seekers in the market for men's products. Although there is still sufficient time for Father's Day shopping, if you're looking for big discounts, it might not be a bad idea to get started here, since the event offers a pretty great selection and considerable markdowns.

Price list:
Women's apparel
Suits $450
Jackets $220
Outerwear $265
Dresses $160
Shirts $75
T-shirts $25
Trousers $90
Jeans $70
Skirts $70
Sweatshirts $60
Knitwear $90
Waistcoats/Vests $60
Swimwear $35

Leather bags $80~$300
Non-leather bags $15~$150
Wallets/Card holders/iPad cases $60
Keychains/iPhone cases $25
Towels $25
Vintage dog collars $30
Vintage dog leashes $30
Umbrellas $70
Notepads $10
Dress shoes/Boots $125
Sneakers/Sandals/Espadrilles $70
Flip-flops $25
Leather belts $50
Fabric belts $25
Leather gloves $35
Knit gloves $25
Scarves $35
Hats $35
Ties/Bowties $30
Underwear $25
Socks/Hankies $12
Cufflinks $30
Bracelets $50

Men's apparel
Suits $450
Sportscoat $220
Outerwear $265
Casual jackets $115
Trousers $90
Shirts $75
Knitwear $90
Jeans $70
Sweatshirts $60
Sweatpants $60
T-shirts $25
Vests $60
Robes/PJs $60
Swimwear $35
Waistcoats/Vests $60

Shoes $50
Scarves $15
Hats $15
Swimwear $15
Trousers $25
Shorts $20
Jackets $60
T-shirts $15
Bunnies $15
Shirts $25
Knits $25
Dresses $25
Skirts $20
Socks $5
Flip-flops $10


  1. Does anyone know how the line is today? Heard yesterday was down the block

    1. Hi Busybee,

      I'm told by readers that the line, as of 2pm today, is manageable.

  2. Thanks for the review Mizhattan! Definitely need to check this out

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you for reading! Readers are letting me know suits are being grabbed up quickly. Best to go for button-down shirts and pants. Also, there is an a.testoni sample sale on 57th Street that's a worthwhile visit for men's dress shoes. Click: FOR PHOTOS

    2. Oh my goodness that's awesome! Definitely heading up there now! Thanks!!

  3. SALE UPDATE (5/20): Take an additional 30% off starting today.


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