Jun 8, 2016

*GET HER LOOK* Miranda Priestly

Did you know June 30th marks the 10 year anniversary of The Devil Wears Prada? Being a fan of the film, I thought this called for a special celebration. So, to honor the movie, I decided to dedicate this month's Get Her Look articles to the two main characters, Miranda Priestly and Andrea Sachs (stay tuned!).

Inspired by Nuclear Wintour, Meryl Streep put on a remarkable performance in her role as the ruthless, demanding, and fearsome fashion editor Miranda Priestly. Her wardrobes in the film were put together by legendary stylist Patricia Field and consisted of power suits and a feast of high fashion that made Ms. Priestly look immaculate and fierce. So, throw down your bag and coat anywhere you please because here's how you can Get Her Look. "That’s all."

Trench coat from Max Mara Studio, hoop earrings from Ippolita, alligator strap watch from Ralph Lauren, eau de parfum from Prada, ostrich belt from Brooks Brothers, pleated sides tote from Prada, eyeshadow palette from Guerlain, lipstick from Gucci, alligator bag from Ralph Lauren, slingback pumps from Chanel, orange scarf from Hermès, black jersey dress from Theory, BB cream from Estée Lauder, optical glasses from Tom Ford, leather notebook from Hermès, sunglasses from Chloé, iPhone case from Chanel, and scented candle from Cire Trudon.

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  1. Miz, great post!! I looove this movie. Looking forward to your take on Andreaaaa~


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