Jun 23, 2016


Founded in 1976 in Munich, Germany, and now run by Sungjoo Group, MCM is one of those fashion brands you either love or hate. The label's polarizing signature print, Cognac Visetos, can be a bit overwhelming for minimalists like myself but, personal preferences aside, the label does have a huge fanbase. Therefore, for the first time, I decided to check out their popular NYC sample sale which started this morning in SoHo and runs for six days.

Hoping to score big, a small band of shoppers was busily combing through the goods at this morning's F&F. With the brand's logo print available in all shapes and sizes, the sale inventory was discounted 50~70% off.

Items worth noting from the bag section included large Visetos drawstring bags in cognac for $438, mini diamond Visetos drawstrings for $528, mini Munich Boston bags for $388.50, small M Moment backpacks for $416.50, medium Munich Boston bags for $523.25, medium Heritage Boston bags for $385, mini Diamond Disco crossbodies for $382.50, medium Milla backpacks for $311.50, large Shopper Project Visetos bags for $380, small Stark Odeon backpacks for $252, and small Duke Visetos backpacks for $241.50.

In the center of the space, small leather goods and accessories were displayed on tables and in vitrines. The selection included leather pouches, leather baseball caps, cosmetic cases, wallets, phone sleeves, sunglasses, coin purses, belts, scarves, and leather gloves. Discounts were 60~70% off.

Apart from the handbags and leather goods, the event also featured a small assortment of apparel and shoes. Five or so racks of outerwear, tops and such were set up in the back of the main floor while shoes (mostly sneakers) were available on the lower level. Markdowns on footwear were $88~$138 while apparel was 60%~70% off retail.

This week's MCM sample sale runs through next Tuesday. I'm told inventory will be restocked throughout the sale and that there will be possibility of further reductions depending on how well everything sells. So, stay tuned for updates on Instagram, Twitter, and the comment section below. As always, the full price list is at the end of this article.

Price list:
Bags and Accessories
Shoppers 50% off
Crossbodies 55% off
Briefcases 60% off
Drawstrings 60% off
Hobos 60% off
Messengers 60% off
Totes & slings 60% off
Small leather goods 60% off
Belts 60% off
Sunglasses 60% off
Backpacks 65% off
Bostons 65% off
Bowling bags 65% off
Weekenders 65% off
Clutches 70% off
Satchels 75% off
Shoulder bags 70% off
Waist bags 70% off
Gloves 70% off
Scarves 70% off
Bracelets 70% off

Clothing 60% off
Outerwear 70% off

Slip-ons $88
Low tops & sneakers $128
Middle & high tops $138


  1. If there is something that you really want - you should go buy it now. There are no limits so some people are buying 20-30 bags at a time. One lady brought 36 bags.

  2. The lines are insane!! I arrived at 11:30 am and 200 people were on line. I just dont think the markdowns were good enough to justify me waiting. Yes I did see people who act like they had an unlimited money tree hawking up the bags. Too much for plastic, canvas coated bags.

  3. Was there any prices reductions? Also, did anyone see if they had more of the mcm dogs (as pictured in this post) Thanks!!

  4. No one is interested i guess. I really wanted updates as well but I received and email from 260 sample sale stating there were reductions but they didnt say how much.

    1. Hi Fashion Goddess,

      Sorry for the late reply. Bags are now up to 75% off.

  5. Clothing was up to 90% off as of yesterday. The selection wasn't that great if you are going on the last day. The small drawstring bag in the cognac color came to 200.00 original price was 800.00. I snagged the silver tambourine crossbody bag for 140.00.

  6. Does anyone know if they had any additional discounts for today?

  7. There are some flat price drops for today - some wallets $75, totes $150, robot clutch $100, Belts $90, some backpacks $150-$180. Sneakers down to $110. No line and short supply.

  8. hi when will they open the sample sale again and what is the address?thanks a lot..


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