Jun 6, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Splendid Deals

As much as I love scoring big designer deals at sample sales, there is also something gratifying about finding cheap thrills at these bargain events. If you feel the same way, then this week's Splendid and Ella Moss sample sale is where you want to be as both brands are offering contemporary basics and bohemian must-haves at pocket money prices.

Located in the heart of the Garment District, the Splendid and Ella Moss corporate showroom is set to open its doors to bargain seekers at noon tomorrow (perfect for lunchtime 9-to-5ers who need a quick retail pick-me-up). For press and F&F, the company held an early preview this afternoon where many splendid deals (everything was under $50!) were up for grabs.

Items from Splendid were set up on the right side of the showroom while inventory from Ella Moss was arranged on the left. The Splendid section was chock-full of casual staples. There were nautical stripes, cotton tanks, printed shorts, chambray shorts, classic white tees, loose fit pants, summery rompers, sporty separates, shoes, bags, scarves, and kidswear. Markdowns on these laid-back essentials started at just $10 for tanks and went up to $45 for outerwear.

Over at Ella Moss, prices were only slightly higher. Tops were $25, dresses and rompers were $40, skirts were $25, pants were $35, jackets were $50, sweaters were $50, and swimsuits were $20. There were breezy summer frocks, printed blouses, floral dresses, eyelet tops, sequin tanks, and maxi dresses made for weekend escapes. In addition, the sale also offered Ella Moss' kids line with all items priced $12 and under.

The only downside to this week's Splendid and Ella Moss sample sale is that the majority of womenswear ran in a size small. But, if it's any consolation, sizes for both labels run a bit larger, so if you wear medium, you might be able to find items that fit you comfortably. And speaking of, fitting rooms were not available but try-ons were allowed in the open space, so dress accordingly if you plan on attending.

Price list:
Tanks $10
Tops $20
Cardigans $30
Pants $30
Dresses $35
Sweaters $40
Shorts/Skirts $20
Leggings $15
Jackets $45
Rompers $35
Accessories $10
Swim $20 (bikini $10 a piece)

Splendid Mills
Active/Woven tops $35
Knit tops $20
Active bottoms $25
Pants/Shorts $35
Cardigans $25
Accessories $10

Splendid Footwear
Sandals $20
Slip ons $20
Wedges $30
Ankle boots $40
Tall boots $50

Splendid Handbags
Small leather bags $20
Large leather bags $40
Canvas bags $20

Ella Moss
Tops $25
Dresses $40
Rompers $40
Skirts $25
Pants $35
Jackets $50
Shorts/Leggings $20
Sweaters $50
Accessories $10
Swim $20 (bikini $10 a piece)

All apparel $12
Swim $10 (bikini $5 a piece)
Leggings/Bloomers $3


  1. Thanks for the review!!! Is the kids section Girls only? No Boys?

    1. There was a small selection for boys. Not much. Thank you for reading!

  2. Thank you so much for the review! i was really looking forward to this sample sale! I love Splendid clothes both for myself and my daughter! Just a couple of questions : did they have any infant / toddler clothes for girls (9 months and above)? Would you say the venue was "stroller friendly"? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Fatine E,

      I did see infant/toddler clothes. They were placed in bins but I didn't really look through them carefully enough to see if they had any that were sized for children 9 months and above.

      The sale is held at the company's office, so it isn't really stroller-friendly.

  3. Are there any additional cuts happening tomorrow?? Is there still stock left ?

    1. No additional markdowns but there is tons of inventory still left.

  4. Is it worth going today? Thank you!

    1. There's still a lot of merchandise but discounts remain the same for now.

  5. Is it worth going to the sale tomorrow or you think they won't be any merchandise left

    1. I was told by a rep that today they will have a special promotion. If you buy 10+ items from either brand, you get 50% off your total purchase.

  6. SALE UPDATE (6/16): For the last day of the sale, buy 10+ items from either brand and receive 50% off your total purchase.

  7. Is their still a lot of merchandise left?

  8. A ton of merchandise left - great prices, especially if you buy 10 items or more. Kids items are included in the 10 count as well.


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