Sep 13, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* So-So Sandro

Gone are the days of colorful summer outfits, so is your closet now feeling a bit blah? To help your wardrobe transition flawlessly into the new cooler season like the way stylish Parisian girls do, Sandro is here to lend a hand with the return of their NYC sample sale. From Breton stripes to classic trenches to go-with-anything LBDs, the sale's friends and family pre-show had plenty of fall essentials perfect for channeling your inner Clémence Poésy--which was great. But the prices? Not so much.

Sandro's F&F preview, held yesterday evening in Midtown, was off to a quiet start with a little less than twenty shoppers inside. Items were organized by category and consisted of womenswear & menswear in the front, shoes in the back, and accessories on the right side.

The first thing you will notice as soon as you enter the venue is the many racks of nearly-new quality women's apparel, and so I started my rummaging there. Highlights included fur-trimmed parkas, open-front tweed jackets, heart-print frocks, paint-splattered jeans, stud-embellished distressed shorts, and black & white polka-dot mini skirt. As far as prices go, outerwear was $145~$395, dresses were $110, trousers were $95, skirts were $80, sweaters were $80, jeans were $50, and tees were $40.

The shoe department was comprised of sandals, pumps, booties, and sneakers. Each pair was marked down to either $110 or $145 depending on the style. Prices weren't that impressive in my opinion and there was barely anyone browsing the merch.

Accessories (handbags, scarves, gloves, hats, belts, and socks) were situated on the right side near the checkout counter. Bags were $75 for small and $145 for large. As for belts, scarves, gloves, and hats, they were all $40 each.

Interestingly enough, there were more male shoppers than females at the preview. Men's inventory included leather jackets for $350, coats for $250, blazers for $175, sweaters for $85, shirts for $75, trousers for $75, jeans for $50, and tees for $30. You can find the full price list at the end of this article.

Coming out of the event, I thought the price points didn't meet the standards of a good sample sale. But if you're fan of the brand and don't mind the so-so prices, you should drop by anytime this week as the sale runs through Sunday. If you can't make it, their sister label Maje will also be making a comeback at the same location next week, so bear that in mind.

Price list:
Fur coats $395
Coats $250
Leather dresses $195
Leather jackets $250
Leather skirts $145
Leather trousers $195
Blazers $145
Rain coats $145
Dresses $110
Jumpsuits $110
Cardigans $95
Trousers $95
Shirts/Tops $80
Skirts/Shorts $80
Sweatshirts $80
Sweaters $80
Jeans $50
T-shirts $40

Leather jackets $350
Coats $250
Jackets $250
Rain coats/Light coats $175
Blazers $175
Cardigans $95
Sweaters $85
Shirts $75
Sweatshirts $75
Trousers $75
Vests $75
Jeans $50
Jogging $50
Reebok $50
T-shirts $30

Women's accessories
Big bags $145
Small bags $75
Boots/Creepers $145
Pumps/Sandals/Sneakers $110
Belts $40
Scarves $40
Gloves $40
Hats $40
Stockings/Tights $5

Men's accessories
Backpacks $75
Footwear $125
Reebok $50
Scarves $50
Gloves $50
Belts $40
Ties $40
Hats $50


  1. I missed out on buying a blouse or a dress in their constellation print from last fall. Did you see any of that there?$PDP_M_ALL$

    1. Hi Stolen Bike,

      No, I didn't see any constellation prints.

  2. I agree Miz, i was disappointed by the stock as well as the price point. I spotted lots of old stock from the last sample sale. My guess is that a lot of the clothes are at least 4 seasons old. Many items had return stickers from bloomingdales. Very disappointing. Not sure why they wont lower the prices on the items that are consistent sample sale repeats.

  3. are there any leather leggings?

  4. Thanks for the review Miz. Going to skip this one or at least wait until reductions

  5. Is there further price reductions? Thanks!


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