Oct 18, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* C'est Bon(point)

For classy grown-ups with exquisite taste, there's the Hermès sample sale. But what if you want something chic for le bébé? Then the only correct answer is the semi-annual Bonpoint sample sale. Known for drawing a large crowd of stylish, shopping savvy mommies who are looking to score on prim, proper, and quintessentially Gallic baby goods, the French label is hosting their 2-day long event at the Metropolitan Pavilion this week. Therefore, I swung by the F&F portion earlier today to get the 411. Here's what I found inside.

Stepping into the 5th floor space, I immediately noticed the usual setup. Just like past sales, items were organized by size/age and placed either on top of two very long center tables or hung on racks that lined the walls. But unlike the setting, there were some changes to the markdowns this time around. While outerwear, tops, cardigans, jackets, skirts, leggings, dresses, sleepwear, and accessories remained the same at 60% off, sweaters, pants, shorts, and shoes were now discounted down to 70% off. Each item was individually priced, but in a nutshell, shoppers will find sweaters for $60~$150, skirts for $80~$120, coats for $200~$600, and fur-trimmed down jackets for $200~$280.

In the accessories section, some of the products I spotted included cashmere baby blankets for $164 & $236, knit hats for $34, headbands for $20, glittered belts for $28, logo-printed canvas totes for $50, The Cambridge Satchel Company for Bonpoint bags for $164, and wool chunky scarves for $94.

Shoes for boys and girls were situated in the back, while itty–bitty baby shoes were laid out on top of tables in the center. Sizes were available from 19~39, and there were Mary Janes, ballerina flats, smoking slippers, shearling boots, suede booties, oxfords, and more. Shoes were 70% off and prices were roughly $45~$105.

The queue on opening day is usually very long at the Bonpoint sale, so it would be wise to plan accordingly. Unlike most sample sales, the Bonpoint events (appropriately enough) are always kids-friendly, so why not make it a memorable shopping day with your little ones and enjoy a special treat for all? Happy Shopping!


  1. OMG those leopard flats are adorable! Thank you Miz for the review.

  2. I just walked by and there is a small queue outside. It was about 9-10 people long. Thankfully it isn't raining but just FYI to anyone curious about any wait time to get in now.

  3. Does anyone know if they reduce prices in the final day? Thank you!

  4. anybody know what the line situation is to get in right now?


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