Oct 24, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Copping Oscar

With Peter Copping out of the picture, and Monse designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia now at the helm, prestigious fashion house Oscar de la Renta has been going through some major changes since the titular designer passed away two years ago. At tonight's private F&F, it was apparent that this week's sample sale is mainly intended to clean out the company's archival collection of Copping's designs, as a majority of the inventory was of his work, and markdowns were comparable to liquidation prices. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the venue was swarming with shoppers and Gilt City ticket holders looking to cop some ODLR.

Fellow Mizhattanites eager to glam up your look for this year's holiday black tie events are in luck because there are two spectacular sales happening in the next two weeks: Oscar de la Renta sale opens tomorrow and J. Mendel's bargain event starts next Tuesday. At this week's ODLR sale, shoppers will find a wide assortment of evening gowns, fur outerwear, cocktail frocks, and a limited selection of bridal dresses, shoes, home goods, and jewelry.

Stepping into the SoHo space, my eyes were greeted to colorful and gleaming floor-length gowns and flirty evening separates organized in the center of the room. The markdowns on these beautiful couture-like pieces were categorized into overstock productions and samples. Overstocks were priced as marked but after checking several pieces I learned evening gowns were basically anywhere between $390~$1,650 and ready-to-wear was $250~$575. Samples had a designated area but they were also scattered amongst the overstock racks, which made it difficult to differentiate the two without heading to the checkout counter. As for prices, samples were $40~$1,450.

Just like their last sale back in April of this year, this week's ODLR event features furwear. I found nine racks of jackets, coats, vests, and stoles. Amidst the soft furry goodies, I noticed a chinchilla stole for $3,400 (originally $8,500), a brown chinchilla vest for $5,400 (originally $13,500), a multi-colored mink jacket for $5,998 (originally $14,995), and a mink vest for $4,620 (originally $11,550).

Bridal gowns in a rainbow of whites were located in the back and there were four racks in total. Sizes were mostly 6 and up, and prices ranged from $1,000 to $4,000.

All shoes were priced at either $89 or $100 depending on the style, but even at these prices, there were hardly any takers as most of the shoes showed signs of wear and the majority of them were in size 37. In addition to shoes, there were other accessories such as jewelry for $40~$80, handbags for $225~$350, and home products for $5~$150.

Finally, I was told there would be no restocking. So, if you're a fan of Peter Copping, this week's Oscar de la Renta sample sale is definitely worth checking out. One thing to keep in mind is that smaller sizes were not as abundant. Therefore, if you wear size 0~4, you might want to hurry on over before all is taken. As always, the full price list can be found below.

Price list:
Bridal gowns $1,000~$4,000
Cocktail dresses $425
Day dresses $250
Coats $350
Jackets $300
Long caftans $290
Short caftans $190
Long skirts $250
Pants $75
Skirts $175
Suits $475
Knits/Blouses $125
Camis $125
Non-bridal gowns $875

Embroidered & leather womenswear
Cocktail dresses $575
Day dresses $350
Jackets $475
Long caftans $390
Short caftans $250
Long skirts $350
Skirts $250
Camis $185
Knits/Blouses $185
Non-bridal gowns $1,650
Coats $500
Pants $175
Swim $40
Scarves $50

Shoes $89
Boots $100
Day bags $350
Evening clutches (embroidered) $325
Evening clutches $225
Necklaces $80
Bracelets $50
Earrings $65
Rings $40
Brooches $50

Bow dinner napkins (individual) $5
Dinner napkins (22") $7
Cocktail napkins (4pc) $15
Napkin ring set (4pc) $25
6" cocktail plates (4pc) $30
Dinner/Dessert plates $9
Placemats $10
5x7 frames $30
5x7 caneskin frames $25
Heart-etched champagne cooler $30
Heart-etched night/day set $30
Salt/Pepper set $35
3" salt cellars (4pc) $30
Pineapple candlesticks $45
Cheese set $15
Cheese board $35
Serving bowl (12") $25
Teak 10" serving bowl $50
MD glass serving bowl $50
Small vase $40
Large vase $55
Large tray stand $50
Trays $99
Floral tray $150


  1. Mizhattan, do you need a ticket to get into this sale event? And do you expect long wait times? I want to go on my lunch but am unsure if I should.

    1. You don't need a ticket to enter the sale. Gilt City tickets were only for last night's F&F preview. There will most probably be a wait in the morning but I'm not sure about lunch hour.

  2. Any menswear or childrenswear?

    1. There was some childrenswear - both shoes and clothing in several bins by the fitting room. Haven't seen any menswear.

    2. There were 5 bins of boys and girls clothing and accessories situated in the back.

  3. Hi Miz - are there fitting rooms? Thanks!

    1. Hi Cat,

      Yes, there was a small communal fitting room.

  4. There is one communal fitting room.

  5. I really like the title miz. It works on many levels ��

  6. Just went to the sale. Not a crowd which was nice. Prices were OK nothing to write home about, only in housewares which there were only a few pieces left. Asked about restocking of home they said no. I gotta say Mizhattan, nothing was like the first ever Oscar sample sale held a few years ago at Soiffer Hasken.

    1. Prices were about par, but the one at Soiffer in 2014 definitely had much more inventory which is always a good thing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  7. Any updates on price reductions?

  8. SALE UPDATE (10/27): Additional markdowns have been taken at the Oscar de la Renta sample sale. Clothes are an additional 20% off while gowns are an additional 30% off. In addition, a new shipment of home goods has arrived.

  9. I'm most interested in Childrenswear and home goods. Is there much in the way of this?

  10. Hi, does anyone know if there was any bridal type jewelry? It doesn't look like it in the pictures but I just wanted to be sure! Thanks!


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