Oct 19, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Early Word from Today's Hermès VIP

For eons, sample sale shoppers and Hermès have been in a love-hate relationship. There have been highs and there have been lows, but unfortunately, word from the front is that things have gone sour again. Oh well, c'est la vie. As most of you know, the private VIP portion of this week's Hermès sale is taking place today at Soiffer Haskin. Lucky shoppers who attended the sale have given their two cents and it sounds like tomorrow's public day will be less than promising. Markdowns are now 50% off across the board instead of 60% like last year, and there is no jewelry whatsoever (read: no bracelets!). So, unless you're looking to stock up on scarves and men's ties, it's best to store away that personal day for another sample sale. As pour moi, regardless of the disappointing news, I will still be checking out the event bright and early tomorrow for my fellow Mizhattanites, so be on the look out for tweets, Instagram posts, and the full Mizhattan report.

UPDATE: Another fellow Mizhattanite (BIG thanks to T) wrote in with her take on today's VIP: "No enamels. Shoes, RTW, and a mountain of scarves - 45, 70, 90, mousselines, cashmeres and some of the specialty ones. The usual RTW. 90s were $197, 70s were $150, cashmeres were $500. More ties than possible to imagine. Some gloves, swimwear and assorted items. Limit is 7 scarves and 1 cashmere. May change for public day."


  1. What about Home goods? Plates etc? Thank you!

  2. Are there really no bracelets? Not even prints??

  3. perfumes? leather spray cases? it was so useful..

  4. Sat 7.47am and about 30 in line and slowly growing, bring an umbrella!!!


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