Oct 6, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Go Get Yurman

As much as I love surprises, there is also something very comforting about New York sample sale fixtures that come around on the dot. For example, take David Yurman. The company routinely holds two sales per year without fail and the venue, markdowns, and, to an extent, inventory are the same. I could pull a photo from one of their previous sales or rehash an old review and nothing would seem out of place. And so, I give them props for being the security blanket of sample sales. With that in mind, maybe it's the prompt punctuality and reliability that draws so many New Yorkers to line up in front of the Altman Building season after season to score deals on the brand's lustrous jewelry and timepieces. Whatever it may be, today was yet another example of how much we all love Yurman as nearly 150 shoppers got in queue to purchase some elegant jewelry.

I arrived at the David Yurman sample sale thirty minutes prior to opening time and found a slow moving line that twisted and turned along 18th Street. After waiting well over an hour, I stepped inside the venue where shiny vitrines and an exquisite collection of David Yurman jewelry greeted me. As is "custom", markdowns remained the same as at their previous sale. Cable bracelets were 30% off, other bracelets were 50% off, rings were 50% off (sizes 5~7 for women and 9~12 for men), necklaces were 50% off, earrings were 30%~60% off, pendants were 60% off, and watches were 60% off.

Some of the shiny jewels and gems I spotted included a cable coil ring for $550, a multi-pearl cable wrap necklace for $750, a Willow collar necklace for $2,125, a Ch√Ętelaine Y necklace for $4,750, Labyrinth graduated link drop earrings for $2,950, cable coil cluster earrings for $700, and Metro hoop earrings for $580. As mentioned earlier, David Yurman's classic cable bracelets were discounted 30% off and prices were approx. $400~$4,000 depending on style.

As is the DY sample sale, prices weren't exactly what you would call cheap, but considering they were "reasonably" discounted and the quality of the merchandise was top-notch, if you consider yourself a true fan of the brand, I would suggest you go get Yurman before someone else does. And if you can't make it, don't fret as there's always next season.

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