Oct 17, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Right Up Your Elie

Another day, same old office top and trouser combo? Not anymore! The bi-annual Elie Tahari sample sale is here this week and offers an abundant trove of dress-for-success office attires at budget-friendly prices. Whether you're looking to sharpen your boardroom style or simply in need of some fall basics, this 5-day long bargain event might be right up your Elie.

Happening at Elie Tahari's Midtown showroom, the friends and family portion of this week's sample sale was bustling with shoppers when I dropped by this afternoon. Inside, I found numerous racks of discounted merchandise packed like sardines across a span of two floors. Although the sight of such a bountiful supply of apparel was nice, due to the narrow aisles, I noticed many shoppers (moi included) having a very tough time squeezing through the lanes to get a good look at the goods. The things we do for a deal, huh?

For women, the workwear-focused inventory consisted of $19~$29 knits, $49 trousers, $49 skirts, $69 sweaters, $89~$249 leather separates, $99 dresses, $99 jackets, $199 coats, and $499 fur/shearling. For men, there were only five racks of clothes, and the price list included $29 knits, $39 shirts, $39 shorts, $49 pants, $69 sweaters, $99 jackets, $149 short coats, $199 long coats, $199 cashmere jackets, $249 leather jackets, and $499 fur/shearling. You can find the full price list at the end of this article.

Shoes and accessories were placed on the upper mezzanine level and prices were organized by category. In the shoe section, flats were $79, heels were $99, and boots were $129. Cold weather accessories such as knit scarves, hats, and gloves were marked down to $39 while fur scarves were going for $199.

Finally, for those super budget-minded shoppers, it's worth noting that the brand does reduce prices as the sale progresses. Therefore, keep that in mind as you plan out your week.

Price list:
Knits $19~$29
Knit pants $39
Shorts $39
Blouses $49
Pants $49
Skirts $49
Vests $59
Knit dresses $59
Sweaters $69
Leather skirts $89
Leather vests $99
Leather blouses $99
Jackets $99
Dresses $99
Leather pants $129
Leather dresses $149
Long gowns $159
Coats $199
Leather jackets $249
Fur/Shearling $499

Knits $29
Shirts $39
Shorts $39
Pants $49
Sweaters $69
Woven jackets $99
Short coats $149
Long coats $199
Cashmere jackets $199
Leather jackets $249
Fur/Shearling $499

Shoes & accessories
Flats $79
Pumps/Sandals $99
Boots $129
Books $9
Scarves $39
Hats $39
Gloves $39
Fur scarves $199


  1. Was there a fair selection of long gowns?

    1. Hi Allison,

      The dress selection was mostly daytime styles. I only saw a few long dresses in moody colors.

  2. Thanks for the reporting Miz

  3. Thanks for the report Miz! Does anyone know if there will be price reductions?

  4. Miz would you know if there are any additional price reductions today/ tomorrow?

  5. Yep there are further reductions. Dresses are now $79, so are jackets. Knits are $19. Pants and skirts are $39. Coats are $149

  6. Thank you for the update.

  7. any news on further price reductions?


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