Nov 28, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Crewtique

I hope my fellow Mizhattanites had a relaxing and restful Thanksgiving weekend because it's time to get moving again. J.Crew, Steven Alan, and several other brands are wasting no time getting back into the groove of things with their post-Thanksgiving sample sales, and that means even more saving opportunities for holiday shoppers. I, for one, decided to start this back-to-work week at the J.Crew and Madewell sample sale, so click past the break and check out my crewtique of the event.

With so many holiday discounts going on right now, I had hoped this week's J.Crew and Madewell sample sale would offer unbeatable prices. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case. I'll get to the details in a little bit but to briefly summarize: prices are up and selection is down (guess it explains why both brands were combined into one space this time). In addition, I noticed the event carried a lot of repeat items from their last sale in June.

Now, let's start with womenswear. Women's apparel from J.Crew took up a majority of the space with racks organized by category. Classic breton tops, Chateau parkas, motorcycle jackets, Fair Isle crewneck sweaters, sequin dresses, fringy tweed jackets, gold brocade skirts, and floral print trousers were some of the highlights I found while making my way through the aisles. As far as discounts are concerned, shoppers will find dresses for $30~$60, pants for $25~$70, sweaters for $35~$90, skirts for $25~$40, tees & shirts for $15~$40, outerwear for $40~$150, and J.Crew Collection pieces priced as marked.

Apparel from Madewell took up a much smaller square footage on the left side of the venue. Here, I found only four racks of outerwear and five double racks of tops and bottoms. Prices were on par with J.Crew and you can see the full price list at the end of this article.

For the first time, men's goods were limited to only shoes (READ: no clothes) which is a big disappointment. Nonetheless, if you're in the market for men's footwear, they were situated in the back and sizes ranged from 7 to 13 for loafers, ankle boots, and and sneakers. As for women's footwear, prices ranged $10~$275 and there were flats, pumps, booties, and sandals from sizes 5.5 to 12.

Crewcuts inventory was also lackng when compared to previous sales. There were five double racks of boys and girls clothes plus four bins of shoes for $15~$50.

Moving onto jewelry, they were situated near the checkout counter. Inside the 3 vitrines and on a single wire rack, I spotted earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets for $10~$60. In addition, the sale offered other accessories such as bags for $20~$130, belts for $20, socks for $10, and scarves for $20.

J.Crew recently folded their bridal line, so I kinda hoped to see some bridal pieces at the sale today. Disappointingly, they were a no-show.

As much as I still love J.Crew, this week's sample sale was a letdown in many ways. If you can, I suggest checking out their Cyber Monday deal instead or wait for further reductions to hit the event.

Price list:
Medium/Large leather bags $130
Small leather bags $90
Medium/Large fabric bags $45
Small fabric bags $20
Belts/Ties/Pocket squares $20
Socks/Tights/Small accessories $10
Madewell small leather bags $60
Madewell medium/large bags $35

Embellished necklaces $60
Necklaces $35
Bracelets/Earrings $25
Rings $20
Bangles $15
Pins $10
Hair accessories $5
Madewell bracelets & earrings $15
Madewell rings $10
Madewell bangles $15

Mid calf/Tall boots $130
Heels/Ankle boots $100
Flats/Sandals/Espadrilles $65
Weather/Seasonal/Sneakers $25
Rubber flip-flops $10
Men's dress shoes $100
Collaboration shoes $20~$275

Party/Wear to work dresses $60
Cotton/Jersey dresses $30
Madewell dresses $45
Wool outerwear $150
Suiting jackets/Blazers $120
Long puffer/Trenches $90
Casual/Puffer jackets $60
Suiting vests $40
Wool/Dress pants $70
Denim pants $40
Chino/Cord pants $25
Wool/Silk/Cashmere skirts $40
Chino/Cord/Denim skirts $25
Cashmere sweaters $90
Cashmere tee/Tank/Vest sweaters $65
Cotton/Wool sweaters $35
Women's one piece swimsuits $40
Women's swim separates $20
Men's swimsuits $25
Tops $15~$40
Weekend/Sleepwear $20
Crewcuts $15~$50


  1. Are petites available??

  2. There are sparse petites that you have to look hard to find so I would not recommend.

  3. I went today around 10ish and I had to wait a littletter under an hour.

  4. It was a bad sale. No organization whatsoever. I would not waste my time on it

  5. Thanks for the pics as always! Was it that last day had the biggest further discount? Thanks

    1. It is usually the second to last and last day.

  6. SALE UPDATE (11/30): Coats, cashmere, and Collection pieces are now an additional 30% off.

  7. Which pieces are considered 'Collection pieces'? Does that include shoes? Thanks

    1. J.Crew Collection is the brand's highest-priced line. At the sale, they were placed on the racks closest to the door. Shoes are not part of Collection.

  8. Are they restocking this sale? Haven't made it over yet!

  9. SALE UPDATE (12/1): Everything is now an additional 30% off. There is also a special promo on trench coats which are marked down to $50 (30% doesn't apply).

  10. SALE UPDATE (12/2): Prices slashed again. Everything is now an additional 40% off.

  11. Are there any trench coats left?

    1. i went last night at 4:30p and there were a few, but they were scattered all over. the staff were bringing in new merch during the entire time i was there. warning tho, it is super chaotic. so many people and the line to get in was about 30mins. hope that helps!


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