Nov 2, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Marcdowns

Last year, when Marc Jacobs first opened their private sample sale to the general public, it left quite a Marc on bargain shoppers. With prices starting at just $10, fans of the brand and deal seekers alike got a taste of what it's like to grab very generous discounts on the label's goodies. For this autumn, the folks at Marc Jacobs have once again decided to extend their sample sale to the public, and the kickoff was this morning. So, what can you expect inside? Well, Marcdowns were up to 90% off and the inventory was plentiful.

A little over 120 shoppers gathered together this morning at the Marc Jacobs sample sale in SoHo. Overall, prices were slightly higher than their last public sample sale but that didn't deter shoppers who seemed eager, happy, and devoid of complaints by what was altogether viewed as bargain basement prices.

The layout of the sale was divided into two main sections. Ready-to-wear and beauty were set up on the main floor while accessories (shoes, bags, scarves, hats, and wallets) were put out on the lower level. I was most interested in MJ's beauty offerings, so I started my discount hunting from there.

The beauty section was set up near the entrance, and there was a small selection of makeup products displayed on top of and inside one vitrine. Nail polishes (available in only one color: Nirvana) were $5.40, concealers were $9.60, foundations were $16.50, powder foundations were $13.80, makeup brushes were $14.40, Style Eye-Con No. 7 palettes were $17.70, Style Eye-Con No. 3 palettes were $11.40, brow pencils were $7.50, blushes were $9, eye pencils were $8.40, and pencil concealers were $11.70.

Apparel was organized by category, and menswear lined the left wall while womenswear was placed on the right. As previously mentioned, prices on certain items from Marc Jacobs' main line such as dresses, knitwear, pants, and other tops have gone up slightly while coats, skirts, and evening dresses remained the same. The price list included coats for $250, jackets for $100, gowns for $250, dresses for $100, skirts for $75, pants for $60, shorts for $40, blouses for $50, sweaters for $50, and tees for $20. In addition, price points for Marc by Marc Jacobs inventory included coats for $100, jackets for $60, dresses for $60, skirts for $40, pants for $40, shorts for $20, blouses for $30, sweaters for $30, and tees for $10.

Situated at the rear of the main floor were nine plastic bins filled with Little Marc merch plus five bins of specialty accessories. Here, items were individually priced, and aside from a few diaper bags which were 90% off, everything was marked down 80% off.

The accessories section located on the lower level was abuzz with ladies digging through the bins and tables. Shoes, bags, scarves, iPad & iPhone cases, hair accessories, hats, cosmetic pouches, and wallets were up for grabs. Shoes from Marc Jacobs were $60 while the now-defunct diffusion line's footwear was priced at $40 per pair. As for sizes, most of them were in 37. Finally, handbags were $30~$80, scarves were $20, and small leather goods & cosmetic pouches were $10~$40.

Even with the slight price hike, this week's Marc Jacobs sample sale does not disappoint in terms markdowns. However, other than the beauty products, you should know most of the merchandise was from seasons long since passed. Finally, I've been told there are still lots of unopened boxes in storage, so expect restocking throughout the sale.

Price list:
Marc Jacobs women's apparel
Coats $250
Jackets $100
Gowns $250
Dresses $100
Skirts $75
Pants $60
Shorts $40
Tops/Blouses $50
Sweaters $50
T-shirts $20

Marc by Marc Jacobs women's apparel
Coats $100
Jackets $60
Dresses $60
Skirts $40
Pants $40
Shorts $20
Tops/Blouses $30
Sweaters $30
T-shirts $10

Marc by Marc Jacobs men's apparel
Coats/Outerwear $75
Blazers $50
Shirts $40
Pants $30
Shorts $20
Sweaters $30
T-shirts $10

Marc Jacobs accessories
Leather bags $80
Non-leather bags $50
Small leather goods $40
Women's shoes $60
Men's shoes $60
Scarves $20

Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories
Leather bags $50
Non-leather bags $30
Small leather goods $25
Tech/Cosmetic cases $10
Scarves $20
Hair accessories $20
Umbrellas $20
Women's shoes $40
Men's shoes $40

Nail polishes $5.40
Concealers $9.60
Foundations $16.50
Powder foundations $13.80
Makeup brushes $14.40
Long eyeshadows $17.70
Mini eyeshadows $11.40
Brow pencils $7.50
Pencil concealers $11.70
Blushes $9
Eye pencils $8.40


  1. thank you mizhattan for such a thorough coverage as always! I can't wait to go after work today!

    1. Hi Fashion Goddess NYC,

      My pleasure! Have fun at the sale and thank you for reading!

  2. the line was krrraaazzzy in the morning

  3. can anyone speak to the length of the line now?

  4. Still crazy. Maybe an hour at least

  5. I got in at 12:30 pm after waiting on a super long line ( around the corner on Mercer Str ). Maybe for the first hour was good, but when I got in all I saw was piles of garbage. Old collections pieces, bags in bins, leftover shoes. The clothing looked super old in style and somewhat vintage. I literally did not see one good thing in there. The makeup part was the best at that point, but the selection was getting limited too. However people looked like they are loving it and grabbing everything. For me was a total waste of time and energy.

  6. Got there at 3 guys told me 1.5 hour friend was coming out said nothing left no restocking ..the women in pictures cleaned it out eBay resellers

  7. Thank you for an amazing report yet again Miz! I got there around 11 and got in at 12:15. I agree that this wasn't as good as last year where the shoe selection was from Marc Jacobs collection and you got them with box and dust bag (waited till the last day and got two pairs for 90% off paid less than 50$ each). And the bags were all new and we had to be helped with the sales associates so none of the crazy elbowing at the bins like today.
    However I was able to snag two pairs of shoes (booties and mouse flats) as I'm a size7 as well as two 25$ wallets (yippie!!) the little Marc Jacobs section wasn't half bad and they had a diaper bag for 35$. Unfortunately I was very disappointed by the beauty section (I was able to snag two beauty gift boxes last year for 90% off and they were full of makeup!! So this year's selection was a joke)

    1. Hi Fatine E,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts! Hope you enjoy your new shoes and wallets!

  8. Hello miZ,

    What's the line update from today morning ?

  9. Also any update on restocking? I went last night and stock was already looking low.


    1. line is over an hour wait again. but they are restocking so worth the wait.

  10. Any restocking news yet?
    Any update will be greatly appreciated friends ^^
    Thank you for the great info, Miz ^^!!

    1. they are restocking the entire time! my twin is there and she saw them unpacking tons of boxes! purses are a great deal as she snagged me two of the iconic logo slouch bags! worth the trip.

    2. Hi Fashion Goddess NYC,

      Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated!

    3. my pleasure! u welcome­čść

  11. Got there at 11 and waited more then hour.. Ran downstair in time for dumping of new box of bags and paid for 3 bags.. Worth waiting and happy..

  12. Yes, they say they have many boxes still un-opened when I went earlier today.

  13. Went after work last night. Waited an hour in line. Selections were not amazing, especially compared to the last one. Lots of offbeat, strange items left. I remember getting a ton of amazing still tagged collection runway items at 35-100 dollars. It is a true sample sale though - these were production samples largely, with some finished pieces thrown in. I did get a great eyeshadow palette for $11 (ret $39) and a pretty standout runway skirt. I heard a staffer sale all boxes were out already.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Hope you enjoy your new skirt and makeup!!


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