Nov 14, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Meet My New Flame

For the first time ever since the brand's launch, French candlemaker Cire Trudon is hosting a sample sale in New York City. The company, which was founded in 1643, is the oldest candle manufacturer in the world, and to this day, their votives are still handmade and their waxes hand-poured. So, what does waiting more than three centuries for a bargain get you? Well, for one, a whole lotta anticipation and excitement--just like finding a new flame.

For candle aficionados, scent connoisseurs, holiday shoppers, and deal seekers alike, you will want to add the Cire Trudon sample sale to this week's to-do list as the event offers half off on sumptuous and enchanting home fragrances.

Although the hubbub nor the line outside Century 21 was nowhere close to rivaling this year's Diptyque sale, there was still enough action going on inside this morning's preview to make me excited to be there. With the label's staff on-site to lend highly knowledgeable advice, I was treated to a nearly 1-on-1 level of assistance during my fun-filled shopping trip.

As for markdowns, they were straightforward. Classic candles were $50, great candles were $275, intermezzo candles were $135, travel room sprays were $40, room spray refills were $38, busts were $80 (available only in Benjamin Franklin), and a gift set containing three candles was $100.

In terms of selection, the sale carried classic candles (9.5 oz) in Abd El Kader, Pondichéry, Solis Rex, Ernesto, Mademoiselle de la Vallière, Chandernagor, and Balmoral. Great candles (105 oz) were available in Bethléem and Nazareth, while intermezzo candles (28 oz) were available in Solis Rex, La Marquise, and Nazareth. In addition, there were Christmas candles in Bethléem, Gaspard, and Melchior for $50 each.

Room sprays were very well stocked (more than candles) and they consisted of La Marquise, L'Admirable, Dada, Odalisque, Abd El Kader, Ernesto, and Spiritus Sancti.

For shoppers who believe Cire Trudon's discounted products are still on the high side price-wise, you'll be happy to know the sale also offered merchandise from the brand's sister line of simpler, but still magical scents. Priced at $25 each, Carrière Frères candles were available in Cotton Flower, Thyme, Melon, Guava, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Rose, and Tuberose.

If you love fanciful candles/scents or know someone who does, this week's 4-day long event is definitely worth stopping by. It took Cire Trudon more than three centuries to hold a sample sale in New York, and who knows when their next sale will be. So, enjoy!

Price list:
Classic candles $50
Great candles $275
Intermezzo candles $135
Travel room sprays $40
Room spray refills $38
Busts $80
3 Candle gift sets $100
Carrière Frères classic candles $25 


  1. Thanks, Miz! As of 1:30pm, there was no line (and only a few people shopping inside), but they were already sold out of a couple of scents in the classic size candle ($50), and running low on others. I was told they would be restocking tonight, but only in the intermezzo size ($135).

    1. Jenn - did you see any Abd El Kader candles left?

    2. The classic size Abd El Kader candles were sold out, but they had lots of stock in the room spray (and refill).

    3. Hi Jenn,

      Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated!

  2. I dropped by at 12 pm today; no line as the other commenter mentioned. The ladies there are friendly. I picked up a few candles from the Carriere Frerer line, which I never heard of before but are also an old candle maker. They were only $25, but all the scents are not that unique but very well made/smell just like they should. They will still make for good gifts!

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thank you for sharing your experience!

  3. The downside of living too far. I called the store, but cannot order via phone. O well... I'll wait if people have extras to sell

    1. Hi Catherine,
      I shop and ship all NYC sample sales. Email for more info.

  4. SALE UPDATE: Further reductions have been taken today. Great candles are now $200, intermezzos are $100, and travel room sprays are $35.

  5. Miz, you're just amazing!

  6. Hey Miz - I just got back from the sale (4pm on Tuesday). They seem to be cleared out of standard candle sizes. But the Intermezzo 3-wick size (half way between a standard and the mega huge 5-wick size) is down to $100. I know that sounds like a lot but that size is typically $230 so that is like 60% off! And they have lots of them in great scents! Why people aren't hoarding these I have no idea.

    And the room scents are down to $35 and they give you a double-size refill bottle for free. Talk about gift potential.

    I'm a veteran of the Diptyque sale and I have to say, Cire Trudon are arguably even better quality. Run to this sale people! No lines right now.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Thank you for your thorough update! I have to agree with you that Cire Trudon makes absolutely wonderful candles and scents. If you're a fan of Diptyque, this sale will not disappoint.

  7. Could anyone who went today give an update? I heard they were going to extend the sale until tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, but that isn't confirmed.

  8. I was at the sale near closing tonight (8pm), and the SAs didn't specifically mention anything about extending the sale.

  9. It was in the fine print of the C21 email this morning.
    "CIRE TRUDON Sample Sale At C21·EDITION Extended To 11/19! New Reductions! Downtown NYC Store Only"

  10. Mizhattan- thank you so much for the incredible information on this sale.
    The discount is now 30% off everything.

    1. Hi Lauren,

      My pleasure! And thank you so much for the update!

    2. Of course!
      Here's some stock from what they had when I left this morning.
      While there are fewer scents available La Madeline is still available in Intermezzo as is Nazareth in Intermezzo and Great. (those both smell wonderful)

      Small Bethlehem: Now $35! (very few left of those)
      Intermezzo Those are now $70

      Travel sprays $24 + free refill
      Great candles $140 (that's an amazing price)

      Again can't thank you enough for the updates this week. Hope this helps!!!!

    3. Wow!! Thank you so much, Lauren!


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