Dec 8, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* His & Herschel

Chances are, if you don't already own a Herschel backpack or duffle, you most probably have seen someone who does on your commute to work/school. The Canadian label's bags, wallets, and travel accessories are so popular, you can easily spot one on almost every corner here in the Big Apple. And even though the brand holds sample sales quite often in the city, I found that every single time they had one, the turnout was nothing short of jaw-dropping. So when I was offered an early peek at their winter 2016 sample sale goods, I thought it would be wise to check it out before mayhem hits tomorrow. What will my fellow Mizhattanites find inside? Well, a nice variety of his & Herschel bags, that's what!

When I stopped by earlier this afternoon, the brand's employees were just starting to unpack the mountain of boxes that had just arrived. I was able to take a look at many of the items, but since they were in the midst of setting up (I was told they were expecting even more shipments later this evening), I couldn't inspect all of the goods as thoroughly as I wanted. Nonetheless, here is a taste of what you will find tomorrow.

Let's start with the collections that were on hand. Items from the Montauk collection were $45, items from the Trail collection were $55, and items from the Studio collection were $50.

As for specific bags, Reid backpacks were $35, Post backpacks were $35, Heritage backpacks were $35, Nelson backpacks were $40, Iona backpacks were $40, Lennox backpacks were $40, Pop Quiz backpacks were $50, Retreat backpacks were $55, Lawson backpacks were $55, Dawson backpacks were $55, and Little America backpacks were $60 & $70. In addition, I spotted Sutton mid-volume duffles for $35, Ravine duffles were $40, Novel duffles for $60, Chapter travel kits for $20, and various hip packs for $15.

The Herschel sample sale opens tomorrow at 10am near Union Square. Since the opening day is Friday, I suspect the line will be even longer than it has been in the past, so if you decide to check it out, plan accordingly.

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