Dec 13, 2016

*SAMPLE SALE* Hit the Sac

Just in time for holiday travel, LeSportsac's first-in-seven-years sample sale swoops into the city's winter sample sale scene and offers generous discounts for jet-setters and soon-to-be vacationers. With only a small crowd of shoppers, the event got underway in Chelsea, and I stopped by the sale to check out what was on hand. Whether you're planning an end-of-year getaway or simply in need of a no fuss everyday bag, it's time to hit the (LeSport)sac!

The company's always reliable carryalls, satchels, totes, crossbodies, backpacks, and other traveling accoutrements were neatly laid out on countless tables when I entered the sale this afternoon. Markdowns were 60% off across the board, and if you purchase 10 or more items, an additional 5% was slashed from the total.

To put it into two basic groups, the sale carried solid colors and prints. The selection on solid colors consisted of Fir C, True Black, Rain Dance, Cherry Blossom, Full Moon, and Classic Red. As for prints and patterns, they were far more diverse. For instance, I spotted Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk Pink, Bubble Tea Dot, Glitter Stripe, Waterlily Garden, Navy Rose, Flower Cluster Khaki, Rosewood Hearts, Gardeners, Garden Daisies, Animal Dots, Animal Dots Pastel, Ocean Blooms, Ocean Blooms Navy, Gingham Classic Red, Gingham Classic Navy, Hawaiian Getaway, Hawaiian Getaway Pink, Bandana Lace, Bandana Lace Khaki, Sailing Floral, Sailing Floral Red, Ribbon Stripe, Kaleidoscope, Beach Ball Play Navy, Sun Multi Black, Sun Multi Cream, Sun Multi Pink, Flower Cluster, Beach Stripe, Roadtrip Vaca, Roadtrip Vaca Cream, Travel Daisy, and Travel Daisy Red. Whew!

Now that I covered the available colors and prints, let's talk about the prices and designs that were on hand. There were 44 different styles of bags/accessories. And simply put, for small accessories there was a $2 difference in price between solid colors and prints while bags saw a $4 markup. For instance, Everyday Wallets in solid colors were $24 while prints were $26. Other items like Classic 3 Zip Pouches were $12 & $14, Mini City totes were $34 & $38, Mini Weekenders were $30 & $34, Modern Day Bags were $50 & $54, City Crossbodies were $48 & $52, City Hobos were $56 & $60, Everyday Bags were $50 & $54, Large City Totes were $60 & $64, Museum Totes were $26 & $30, Commuter backpacks were $56 & $60, and CR Urban Backpacks were $66 & $70. For even more pricing, you can check out the full price list at the end of this article.

Although the sale has been on a seven year hiatus, the queue outside when I came out was nowhere close to the brand's last sample sale. Perhaps most people are done with shopping for the year. Or who knows? In any case, if you're in the market for LeSportsac, better use this to your advantage and stop by before the event ends on Thursday.

Price list:
Beach towel $10
Everyday Wallet PRT $28
Everyday Wallet (solid color) $24
Everyday Wallet (print) $26
Hands Free Wallet $32
Card Pouch $10
Classic 3 Zip Pouch (solid color) $12
Classic 3 Zip Pouch (print) $14
Everyday Cosmetic (solid color) $14
Everyday Cosmetic (print) $16
Square Essential Cosmetic (solid color) $8
Square Essential Cosmetic (print) $10
Essential Cosmetic (solid color) $10
Essential Cosmetic (print) $14
XL Essential Cosmetic $18

Mini City Tote (solid color) $34
Mini City Tote (print) $38
Mini Weekender (solid color) $30
Mini Weekender (print) $34
Cafe Convertible (solid color) $32
Cafe Convertible (print) $36
Modern Mini Bag (solid color) $18
Modern Mini Bag (print) $20
CR Camera Bag $33
Modern Day Bag (solid color) $50
Modern Day Bag (print) $54
Small Uptown Satchel (solid color) $38
Small Uptown Satchel (print) $42
Weekend Crossbody $34
City Crossbody (solid color) $48
City Crossbody (print) $52
Essential Crossbody (solid color) $40
Essential Crossbody (print) $44
Metro Convertible (solid color) $56
Metro Convertible (print) $60
City Hobo (solid color) $56
City Hobo (print) $60
Everyday Bag (solid color) $50
Everyday Bag (print) $54

Convertible Market Hobo (solid color) $50
Convertible Market Hobo (print) $54
Convertible Small Hobo (solid color) $34
Convertible Small Hobo (print) $38
Weekender Hobo (solid color) $38
Weekender Hobo (print) $42

Everyday Totes (solid color) $46
Everyday Totes (print) $50
Small Everyday Totes (solid color) $38
Small Everyday Totes (print) $42
City Totes (solid color) $50
City Totes (print) $54
Large City Totes (solid color) $60
Large City Totes (print) $64
Magazine Totes (solid color) $30
Magazine Totes (print) $34
Museum Totes (solid color) $26
Museum Totes (print) $30
Convertible Crossbody Tote $70
Artist Tote $28 & $32

CR Large Weekender $80
Weekender $70
CR Small Weekender $58
GRF Large Weekender $88

Shopper Backpack (solid color) $52
Shopper Backpack (print) $56
Commuter Backpack (solid color) $56
Commuter Backpack (print) $60
Functional Backpack (solid color) $58
Functional Backpack (print) $62
CR Urban Backpack (solid color) $66
CR Urban Backpack (print) $70
3 Zip Voyager (solid color) $66
3 Zip Voyager (print) $70
Mini Voyager $44


  1. This was not a good sale. Loads of people came out empty handed telling others on the line that the prices were ridiculously high. Prices are better at Century21 or the outlets.

  2. SALE UPDATE (12/14): Further reductions have been taken. Everything is now 80% off.

  3. Any Ryan diaper bags?

  4. Do the above prices reflect the 80% off?

    1. No, the above price list is from the first day when it was 60% off.

  5. Was there a Voyager in black patent?


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