Jun 7, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* DVF: Daring Vibrant and Festive

The Diane von Furstenberg sample sale opened for the press this morning and the public later in the day. The official opening date is  tomorrow, but many DVF fans came early for the great deals.

Adding to the dense crowd, the venue was already packed with endless racks and isles of tops, dresses, coats, and bottoms in bold hues and prints. I had never seen so much clothing at a sample sale and I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by the many colors and patterns (the loud music was a bit disturbing as well). However, even the loud music seemed to fade away when I realized that these stunning dresses could be had at reasonable prices. Many current season items, such as the Alusa chiffon feather jacket, Yoko shirtsleeve T–shirt dress, and a dress in beach leopard sunkist were discounted 75% off. Looking for a classic DVF wrap dresses? Yep, they got 'em in black & white which looked gorgeous. As if these colorful dresses weren't enough, I found boxes of scarves and swimsuits waiting by the cashier's table. There were only a few handbags and belts hung on the wall. And if you are a shoesaholic like myself, you will be disappointed that they didn't have any shoes at this sale. If you plan to pay a visit tomorrow, bring your patience with you because the lines for a dressing room and cashier maybe very long.

Price list:
Coats $35
Gowns/Cocktail dresses $275
Leather $250
Wraps and vintage $150
Dresses $125
Jackets $125
Swim cover ups $100
Sweaters $80
Blouses $80
Skirts $80
Pants $80
Samples $50
Swim suits $50
Damages $40
Tees $40
Scarves $40
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