Jun 8, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Reese's pieces

After the chaotic DVF sample sale, I headed over to Tracy Reese's sample sale opened to VIPs. This sale was also full of colors and beautiful floral prints, just minus the commotion (thankfully~). 

When I made my way pass the glass door on the 15th floor of 260 W. 39th St., I was greeted by a friendly sales associate and 2 tables of neatly folded sweater tops. As I walked in more, I found many dazzling and elegant dresses hung in very organized racks. It was almost like I was shopping at a boutique instead of a sample sale. Most importantly, I was amazed to see the affordable price list on the wall. Can you believe that beige floral dress pictured above is $89?!! 

At this sale, you will mostly find dresses that are from Tracy Reese's recent collection. A black knotty stretch girdle slip, a multi water color floral sequin dress, a periwinkle/wisteria seurat jersey illusion dress and more...were all there. So head over to this sale and enjoy bargain shopping in a composed environment.

VIP Price list:
Tracy Reese
Dresses $125
Tops $89
Sweaters $89
Pants $105
Skirts $89
Jumpsuits $125
Jackets $145

Plenty and Frock!
Dresses $89
Rompers $85
Tops $67
Sweaters $67
Skirts/Shorts $45
All jersey $55

Updated: Prices have gone up for the public sale. Link to new price list.
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