Jul 27, 2010

Mad about Mad Men... under $100

Season 4 of Mad Men returned this past Sunday. For those unfamiliar with Mad Men, it is set in the 60s and I believe it is one of the greatest fashion eras. Therefore, it inspired me to look back in time. Who wouldn't want to live in the age of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, right? Here are some of frugal pieces (under $100) that are inspired by the early 60's.

Polka dot scarf, $18.29, Cropped jacket, $37.99, Strapless tweed dress, $34.99, Chanel Nº5 eau de parfum spray, $61.50, Pearl stud earrings, $65, Peep–toe pumps, $79, Sunglasses, $56.

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