Sep 22, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part3}

Last but not least, the beautiful silk scarves, ties, and RTW...

There was a rainbow of colors in stock. Twill scarves were $225 (originally $375) and Pochette scarves were $78. The limit per person stands at 10. No pleated scarves were found.

Aplenty. Prices have gone up from last time. Now the twill ties are $102 (originally $170) and silks are $225 (originally $375). The limit is the same as scarves at 10 per person.

As usual, the RTW section was disregarded by the crowd. Almost all the items were leftovers from past seasons. A buckled skirt I found was $920 (originally $2,300). A sweater cardigan was tagged $2,310 (originally $3,850) and a leather jacket was priced $4,560 (originally $11,400). Like the crowd at hand, I would have to advise those who plan to attend to skip this section.

*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part1}
*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part2}

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