Sep 22, 2010

*SAMPLE SALE* Bienvenue à Hermes {part2}

Now, the disappointing part of the sale. Compared to previous events, there was noticeably less bags in both variety and quantity. If your main interest is in leather bags, I suggest skipping this sale.

Unlike last time, it was impossible to find any Constance, Evelyne, or Victoria. And men's briefcases were non-existent. Limited to 5 bags per person, small-sized Garden Parties and other canvas totes (3rd, 4th, 5th, & 9th photo below) returned once again for this sale. Canvas Garden Party bags were $937.50 (originally $1,875) in brown and maroon. The Camail Shopping Bag Felt tote was $1,125 (originally $2,250), SilkyPops were $537, and a canvas/leather Ebene messenger bag (8th photo below) was $2,925 (originally $5,850).

Small Leather Goods
One word: Abundant. From key holders to zippered leather wallets in various hues, you may find a nice gift for someone special. Bearn wallets were $1,050. Leather bracelets were $330 (originally $550) and $177 (originally $299). Leather belts were going for $234 (originally $390)

4 large multi-level racks held several different perfumes/perfume sets. 24 Faubourg was priced $51 (originally $85). The Kelly Caleche set was $75 (originally $125). Eau des Merveilles was $53 (originally $90). Elixir des Merveilles was $84 (originally $140). The fragrances were, in my opinion, a disappointment compared to previous sales due to the rise in price. In the past, they were discounted 75%.

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